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Good day Steem Women Club! This is my entry for the 36-hour Mother's Day Contest.

Since my mom is far from me. I can't celebrate with her. I just call her over the phone and greeted her. We had a long conversation through the phone and i just missed her very much. Big thanks to my kids all my loneliness disappear when they showed me this letter.




This letter came from my first born daughter. I was just sitting when i noticed something flew over me. It was a paper airplane that has a letter on it. So i read it silently and suddenly my tear fell. I just can't help it but cry. I didn't cry because of sadness i was overjoyed that this little creature appreciate me. All my efforts and sleepless nights are paid off. I'm very grateful and blessed.

This second letter is from my youngest daughter or "bunso" in filipino language. It was just a simple one but had an impact to my heart. Being called THE BEST MOM was priceless! It's something that i will treasure forever. I'm not a perfect mom nor an ideal wife, but no matter what, I always make sure to give the best for them.



Mother's day was full of love because of my children. I don't want any grand gifts and any material things in this world. Their LETTER mean so much and it's enough. I really appreciate that they took time to sit there and write something for me. It is something that we never see this days because of the gadgets and technology we have right now yet they never fail to do some efforts for me and I'm very proud.


Being a MOTHER is the best thing that ever happened to me. I can’t imagine my life without my girls who have made me more patient and taught me so much about life. They are the greatest blessing in my life that i won't trade for anything.

To all MOMS out there HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!



I invite @christymarie @mayann to join this contest ♥️


Happy mothers day. Thank you for participating in the contest

My pleasure. Thank you so much @steemwomensclub 😊

Felicidades hermosas tus hijas

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