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RE: Steem Women Club Contest #18 Healthy Homemade Drink Recipe / Jugo 3 en uno reforzado con Cúrcuma y Jengibre, una bebida saludable, mágica y perfecta.

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I think this is a great contest entry, I wish you good luck for this contest. :)

Greetings friend,
I'm from community #SteemShip would like to invite you to attend our community #contest, we find that you make quality post so we choose you to invite for our running contest which has 40 steem in prize pot

10 lucky winners will be rewarded, isn't it awesome?

Find more about the contest here: 📣Friday Weekly Contest : STEEM HW3 CONTEST FOR PROMO STEEM || Write About Your Hand Washing Products & Activity |SteemShip Contest | 40 Steem Prize
Good luck
Best regards
Behalf of SteemShip community team.



Gracias, con gusto.