The story of buying a Mobile Micro Lens

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Hello Friends,

Today I will share with you the story of a micro lens I purchased for my mobile phone. In fact we don’t have too many female photographers. However, I have seen a number of female photographers on private TV channels, but they work as reporter assistants.

However, during my long stay at home in Lockdown last year, I developed some interest in photography. Because of it is really difficult to stay at home for a long time. Because of in normal times I spend most of the day in the office. Due to which the position at home was very difficult for me. Then I thought about various things and tried to be active. I then try to learn something about photography and try to connect myself with photography.


Then when I go out, various scenes attract me, I try to capture all the scenes I like in my mobile phone. In fact, photography is not an easy subject; one has to think deeply about the subject matter and try to express one's personality, by capturing the scene of a particular object. If everyone is a photographer now, because everyone has a mobile phone. Smartphones have given everyone that opportunity.


But this time before announcing the lockdown, I made a new decision, and that is to buy an extra lens for a mobile phone. Because micro lenses are very necessary to capture micro things beautifully. The micro lens is a very effective device for capturing the view of small objects accurately. And if the mobile does not have a micro lens, you can use extra lenses.


There is a big mobile market in the middle of our city, where all kinds of mobile related devices are easily available. So I went to that market before the lockdown to buy a micro lens. But since I don't have a very good idea about this, I initially bought a normal micro lens.


However, it has really been very effective for me, I have been able to observe various contents and keep myself connected to micro photography. Honestly, lockdown times are a great opportunity for us, so we can use the time wasted to improve ourselves. Not just a micro lens, anything can play a role in keeping us effective.



Thanks all for visiting my writing and reading.

Take care your time, take care your life.




@hmetu gracias por tu recomendación!

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Wow, I'm sure the results of macro photography that you get are very good ...