Steem Women Club Design Contest #24 | The design of anything you want! | | Mandala Art on Brother's Kurta using Febric ,By @isha.ish

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Hello my lovely girls of @steemwomensclub. Hope all of you are doing great. I was extremely excited after seeing this contest -

Steem Women Club Design Contest #24 | The design of anything you want!

It's really really great topic . So , I decided to design a cloth. I have a little brother. He is 12 years younger than me. Name is - Ishan .

My brother has many types of kurta . He has a full white kurta . So, I decided to make the Kurta colourful and beautiful and surprise him .


So, Now I'm going share hoe step by step I designed . I used Febric colour . I have lots of colour in my house. I don't copy any design , I don't take any suggestion . I just took paint brush and started.



At first I arrange all I need beside me. Like - brushes, Febric colours ,pencil, a board ,a bowl of water ,a plate for paint mixing and the kurta.



I put the board into the kurta. Perticuler in coller area. I'm going to Design the coler area and one side of the you can see on this picture.



I started drawing according to my imagination. You can see I draw a half circle first on the one side of button part.



I drew many circles . I didn't use pencil compus .I was just lightly drawing. Because it will be painted.then I started drawing of mandala Art according to my imagination.



After giving a structure of the art .I took red Febric colour and using a brush I started coloring the half circle.



Then the flower portion , I used yellow Febric colour. It's my favorite.



Ishan is my little brother and I really want to creat a colourfull art on this kurta. Simple but beautiful . So I used very light and sweet colours on this art. Like I used baby pink Febric colour to fill up the triangle which I drew.



Then again I used yellow ,and then deep green . I was just doing this work according to my thoughts and imaginations.
And I think it is really good to do as your wish.


So, If you design anything .do as you want. Don't copy. .. because one creativity is fully defferent from others.


I think you all understand how it was going. isn't it beautiful?



Then I designed some rose .



And the last I designed like this .



And it is ready .

Final look




My brother wearing my designed Kurta.


He just love it.after seeing this he hugged me and he was so Happy.

So, this is my perticipation of this contest .
Hope I successfully shared my journey about this design.
Hope you like this work and support me. Please comment your thoughts about this post.

I want to invite my lovely friends @sandupi & @jenny018 for this contest.

Thank you so much 💗


 6 months ago 

Actually it is a beautiful design. you are very talented.

 6 months ago 

Hey that is amazing😍 multi talented girl.... So, why don't you start your own business 🙊🙊 I'm sure it will be famous all over the world. I will be your happy customer🙊 And you Isha and your brother Ishan...?? Nice and he is very cute....❤️

 6 months ago 

Hahhahah 😂, hi darling , yeah it's good idea, but trust me I don't want ,

Thank you so much sweety , you are so sweet.. love you darling. Take care

Hey! I love it your design 😍 Very creative and colorful ☺️ ¡Good job!

 6 months ago 

Thank you so much dear ❤️

 6 months ago 

Quedo muy hermoso

 6 months ago 

Gracias ☺️

 6 months ago 

Woow 😍 You have a very beautiful matching mandala art.

 6 months ago 

Thanks dear 😊❣️

You are a multi talented girl

 6 months ago 

Thank you very much ☺️💓

 6 months ago 

Incredible beauty, it was very beautiful on you and without a doubt it is a great participation in the contest. Congratulations. I wish you luck.

 6 months ago 

Thank you so much for your lovely wishes and comments ❤️. Finger crossed 🙂

 6 months ago 

What a beautiful creation dear, love it.😍

 6 months ago 

Thank you 😊 beautiful dear..

 6 months ago 

Thank you ☺️

Realmente un trabajo hermoso y muy delicado, es arte lo que nos has presentado. 🌼

 6 months ago 

Muchas gracias ☺️🙏

 6 months ago 

Wow it is very beautiful your art, your brother looks very happy! 😍
I congratulate you for your creativity it was a great gift!😊

 6 months ago 

Thank you so much 💝

 6 months ago 

Hermoso. Te felicito 😃

 6 months ago 

Muchas gracias ☺️

 6 months ago 

Te quedo hermoso amiga

 6 months ago 

Gracias ☺️

 6 months ago 

A beautiful gift!!!

I love the kurta and the kurty, they are really beautiful those Indian garments. I have a while thinking about designing some models for myself.

Your manadala is very nice, I love mandalas. I am going to publish a poetry book soon and I have chosen for the cover a mandala that I painted myself. When I do a post about the process I will invite you to see it.

I congratulate you for two things:
. Making a beautiful mandala design and .
. Making your little brother happy, it's a token of love.

Many congratulations!!!
A big greeting from Venezuela to you.

 6 months ago 

Thank you so much dear for your lovely comment 💘

Que lindo regalo y la cara de contento de tu hermano es unica

Wow that's amazing skill you have apart from singing 🎤.

 6 months ago 

Thank you so much

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