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Buenas Noches strong and amazing women!

This week has been a very busy week because of so many deadlines, I am so sorry I wasn't able to continue my feeding program activity.


Well anyway, this week I am going to share with you our last saturday's @chainofgoodness and @actofkindness activity at Bogo city where we passed by many mountains before we reached the location. Yes, the place was too far from our location but we just did it because of some instances.

Here's the location of our venue. You can just click the link.

Why we chose Bogo City?


The person I encircled is one of the pastor in our church. Beside him are her cousins whom he haven't met for a long time. And since @limcuy, the leader of our charity team haven't finalized the venue for our charity event, pastor suggested to go to the place of his cousin. Then, the team approved the suggestion. That's the reason why we came up with the decision of going to Bogo City, even there were lots of near places to held our event.

The Challenge is Real


In going there, the rain poured very hard and its a challenge for the riders since they can't clearly see the road and they felt freezing due to the cold weather.


But then, we accepted the challenge. Rain or shine, even others haven't made it, the plan must be realized. Ate @jonabeth then leaded the prayer.



TeeeEeeeeDddddddEeeeen! After 3 hours, we reached Bogo safe and sound. Thank you Lord.

When we reached the destination, our dear pastor then contacted his cousin whom he don't have the idea how she looks now. Then, she replied that we will meet at the new terminal situated in the old market.

And We're Finally on Our Location


As you can see, the place was considered as a squaters area. The stall you saw were the old stall being used in the market.



As what I had observed also, this place was perfect for any charity events. We really don't have idea and we don't expect this so we haven't prepared food to share. We only brought slippers for them. But we were hoping that we can come back so we could bring the food they needed most.


The area is not safe also because it is a STORM SURGE AREA. But they don't have any choice since they don't have any place to stay.

Rest then BRUNCH (Breakfast + Lunch)


Tired? Yes it is but still very happy seing the kids who were very excited for our little present for them.


We then ate our brunch. Breakfast and lunch since we haven't eaten our breakfast yet. We didn't stopped the ride and eat due to the heavy rain.

RIDE FOR A CAUSE - Giving of Slippers


After eating, we then arranged the venue as well as the slippers and called up the kids.


I am teary-eyed seeing the kids very happy and contented of what they received. What I am thinking, how much more if we are going to give them foods and snack I guess they will be happier. But Im still grateful of having my team @jmaxswivel, @jonabeth, @limcuy, pastor and the rest of the riders for making this event a successful one. And thank you Lord for making us safe.


Great job team, till next ride...


I guess that would be all for today, see yah around.

Love Lots,



About the Author

Aloha! @kyrie1234 is a Public Highschool Teacher handling in Grade 9 Math. She is the adviser of Grade 9- Special Science Class. She has a daughter who is 2 years old. She loves to explore the world and see its wonders. She wants to learn cooking and baking. She also loves different artworks and admires them. Again, thank you for the support.
 2 months ago 

Amazing work Mam kyrie1234!

thank you for your appreciation mam

 2 months ago 

Wow, my pretty friend! The like of you is what they've been waiting for.. and there you come, so wonderful of you to do such goodness

Thank you my friend, I wish them well and hopefully there will be more volunteers who will help them supply their basic needs

 2 months ago 

Thank you for participating in our Goodness event. I see happy smiles on their faces.

Oh ya, you have to use a tag #womenclubchainofgoodness So that the curator can easily find you

ok sis tnx for the advice. I will edit it right away

 2 months ago 

You are welcome sis
When you get my mistake, don't hesitate to reprimand me sis

We are stronger together

Ok sis!

Good Morning
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Nice job. Successes and blessings

thank you so much friend... I will be posting more of this soon,

 2 months ago 

Te felicito, hacen una buena labor, no hay precio para esas sonrisas que sacas a cada niño, Dios les bendiga.

Tienes razón. Sus sonrisas no tienen precio ... ¡Gracias por pasar!

Sí hermana ... Hay sonrisas que no tienen precio ... Gracias por el aviso.

Til next ride day.

yes te, soon

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