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Buenas Noches great and amazing women.


Today, let me share to you my POWER UP journey!

But before that, let me ask you a question about this so called POWERING UP.

Is there a need for us to power up?

Why do we need to power up?

Those are some of the questions in our mind. And I tell you, when I am also new to this platform, I am so hesitant to power up because 3sbd or even 1sbd is already a big value if I am going to convert it into peso.

But as time passed by, and as I read the blog about powering up, I realized that it is really important to do it.


As old steemians, I can say that I am already considered as investor. I should not withdraw from time to time (except if needed), but instead I should invest in the community by powering up. Investing, meaning it is for long term not withdrawing it every other day.

I am proud to those steemians who don't wait for their post to get upvoted so that they can power up, instead they use their personal money just to let their account grow. That is a great move, and I guess most of the country representative, moderators as well as the curators are doing it. They are not aftering for the weekly income, but they are aftering for the bigger returns in the future.

And that is, I guess a very WISE MOVE.



Right now, I just powered up 101.692. I just bought 16.8 steem for only 1 sbd.


I guess that would be all for today, thank you and have a great day.



Love Lots,



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