Steem women club Design contest #24 - How to make beads pendant - by - @marajah

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Its a thing of joy to participate in this contest. But before i proceed, i must appreciate @steemwomenclub for this special contest. Also, @ngoenyi our dear leader, your efforts as well as encouragement to all members of steemwomenclub will never go unnoticed. Base on your encouragement, i started participating on contest. I so much appreciate you my great leader.

Before now, am the type that love creativity, and i leaped for joy when i saw this contest, and with this lovely opportunity, am going to show my fellow steemwomensclub how to create their own pendant with beads without spending much.

Are you longing to know it? Then, relax, just follow me along as i gonna teach you the way.

Here we go..........


IMG_20210727_161957.jpg30pieces of beads, scissors and fishing line

So, those are the needed tools.

step one

With the scissors, cut half yard of your fishing line. Then, put 4 beads and cross with 1

IMG_20210727_170233.jpg4 cross with one

IMG_20210727_170254.jpgafter crossing with 1

Please note: the fishing line in your hand has two edges right? The left side you will put beads while the right side will serve for 2 purposes. (1) to cross beads and (2) to pass through other beads.

(2) on your left rope, put 3 beads, cross with 1

IMG_20210727_170353.jpg3 cross with 1

(3)now, pass your right hand fishing line through another bead on your right hand side.

IMG_20210727_170527.jpgthe look

(4)put 2 on your left side and cross it with 1

IMG_20210727_170611.jpg2 cross with 1

Pass the right side through another bead on your right side

IMG_20210727_170722.jpgthe look

(5) put 2 from your left and cross with 1

IMG_20210727_170813.jpg**2 cross with 1

(6)pass the right side through 1

IMG_20210727_170907.jpgthe look

(8)on your left put 2 cross with 1

IMG_20210727_171000.jpg2 cross with 1*

With the right side pass through 2

IMG_20210727_171228.jpgthe look

(9)on your left put 1 cross with 1

IMG_20210727_171306.jpg1cross with 1

(10)pass your right side through 1

IMG_20210727_171459.jpgthe shape

(11)put 2 on your left and cross with 1

IMG_20210727_171554.jpg2 cross with 1

(12)with the right side, pass through 2

IMG_20210727_171710.jpgthe look

(13)on the left side, put 1 cross with 1

IMG_20210727_171927.jpg1 cross with 1

(14)with the right side, pass through 2

IMG_20210727_172050.jpgthe look

(15)on your left put one cross with 1

IMG_20210727_171927.jpg1cross with 1

(16)pass through 2 on your right

IMG_20210727_172050.jpgthe look

(17** on your left, put 1 cross with 1

IMG_20210727_172140.jpg1 cross with 1

IMG_20210727_172208.jpgthe look

(17)with your right side, pass through 3

IMG_20210727_172331.jpgthe look

(18) now, we are on the final stage.

So, put i bead and cross it

IMG_20210727_172352.jpg1 and cross it

Now, the bead is ready. But we need to tie it. So with any of the sides, pass through 4, and the 2 ends of the fishing line will be on the same position. And with this, you can be able to tie it.

IMG_20210727_172425.jpgthe two ends are now together.

So, we gonna tie it


IMG_20210727_172601.jpgthe way of tying

After tying, with your scissors, cut off those remaining fishing lines

IMG_20210727_172749.jpgcut them off

Wow, your bead pendant is ready!

IMG_20210727_172824.jpgthe pendant

Now, let's put a chain on it and see how it will look like


IMG_20210727_173049.jpghope its beautiful?

Right now, i wanna put it on my neck for us to see the beauty




1627431336052912529856.jpgits beautiful right?

My dear steemwomen club community members, i strongly believe that, with this, you will no longer spend money buying pendant that will soon washed away. Rather, you gonna look for beads and construct any pendant of your colour.

At this juncture, am extending this invitation to @ninapenda,@noma12 and @mesonia to come and join me to display their own craftwork and designs. I wanna learn one or two from you people.

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What a detailed post on making a bead pendant. It's very beautiful @marajah. If I can learn this skill, my mother will be so overjoyed😅. She loves jewelry made from beads so much.

My dear, just follow my guidelines and you gonna succeed

 3 months ago 

Thank you

 3 months ago 

Amazing! The pendant is very beautiful. And you have explained it well. Thank you for sharing

Ma, thanks for your commendation

 3 months ago 

This is very beautiful
Thanks for sharing ma

Ok dear. Try to practice it

 3 months ago 

This is so lovely thanks for sharing with us!

Ok maam

 3 months ago 

This is interesting I'll try and make mine, thanks for sharing this.

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Ok, thanks for your advice, i gonna try