Summer|| Positive Short Stories Series

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Songs that you must listen to while reading !!

"Summer is another season. It is special. It is a season that almost everyone waits to come as soon as possible. Unlike other seasons, it is not just a season where there is only the sun and the weather is overwhelmingly burning. At the same time, summer is the season of love. In addition, this season you relieve all your tiredness for the whole year, whether alone or with your lover, partner or family." ~Unknown person


|||| I went on vacation. While children on the beach were playing games with screams of joy in the sea, beautiful women were facing the sun in their glamorous bikinis. The sea that I saw was deep blue, open, smelling nice, Between sweet and salty, bringing sleep while swimming, clear, even its light wave, the sun not hitting much, we could even see your feet when looking at the water. I sat on the sun lounger and looked at this unique view. The perfect blue of the sea sucked me in and carried me around in his world. I picked up the book I brought with me from the mini table and opened the page and started to read with the magnificent moaning of the sea. The waves of the sea were making tiny somersaults and touching my feet. There was a smile on my face as the waves of the sea tickled my feet. After I finished my book in a pleasant way, I put it on the mini table and leaned back. The sea sang quietly to me, the wind muttered gently in my ears I opened my eyes, a clear blue sky and the sun caressing my skin with its warmth. My children were playing in the sea and my husband was watching me at my bedside. The coldness of the cream relieved my body while I was taking the sunscreen and applying it to my hot burned skin. ||||


I got up from the sunbed. I grabbed the cocktail from my mini white table next to me and took a sip from the straw. I relaxed my body by pulling a "oh" for the comfort of the coolness inside me. Then I leaned against my white chaise lounge decorated with colorful towels. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes and listened to the perfect cry of the sea.


It is so that the soul's meditation owner, the wind, the sound of the sea, and its wonderful clean scent gave me a deep sleep, but it ended with my children shaking me like a cradle. When I opened my eyes, my little birds were trying to lift me up with my hands. When I stood up with a slight smile, they asked me to go into the sea and see the surprise.I was curious and slowly let myself go to the sea. The sea covered my whole body with its cool, clear texture. My 3 little birds were making a circle in the middle of the sea and waiting for me. When I swam up to them, I looked at their faces to find out what the surprise they had prepared. They were all giggling looking at each other. When I asked them what the surprise was, they all said , "1, 2, 3!" Suddenly they started screaming with laughter. My husband suddenly came out of the circle created by my little birds with a grunt. I was scared at first of course, then I laughed and said that this surprise was very scary. They all laughed without saying a word and we all hugged our bodies together. We separated from each other and then started running with the joyful waves of the sea....||||


!Pictures and songs were quoted from the internet. The script and writing are completely mine!

||Thank you for reading me! If you want different series like this, you can specify by commenting and voting!||
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