The Diary Game 1 May || It's a delicious day!

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Hello everyone, I wrote today about what I experienced on May 1st. Enjoyable Readings !

When I woke up in the morning, I did my daily routines as usual. I had seen something terrible in my dream. I was under his influence. Because of that, I wasn't very energetic out of bed. After taking care of my daily housework, I got to my computer. I started writing the diary game that I had just started. The money I earned was a huge investment for myself.

It made me very happy that my article was discovered and received high ratings. I would like to thank everyone who voted here. I hope I can write more quality articles and earn high income. Because I have dreams. I wandered around the Steemit for a few hours and then entered the Minecraft game.
My friends have built great buildings. Frankly I liked it very much. I was amazed by their imagination. (1).jpg
Ah! this is my home !

It looks different and awkward from my friends, doesn't it? Let me show you a collage I made. My home is a bit of a mystery. I made it nested and they are all functional.


When you enter the triangular structure, a well filled with water welcomes you. When you enter the well, you go down and a door will meet you at the end. When you enter through the door, you will see the large triangular glass ceiling of the living room with a ceiling designed with lamps. There is a mine furnace, smoke furnace and normal furnace in the hall. All of these have a separate task. There are essential materials and essential items inside the crates. I designed the entrance of my door with claret red stones. I have a bedroom with water on the sides and a poster in front of it. There is a room next to it, this is very mysterious! When you enter, you will see a small museum-style room. There are several heads in the museum. Some of the heads belong to my friends and they found this collection very funny. When they die, their heads remain, so I collected them and built a small museum. There is another room next to it, I designed that room as a magic room. Various spells are cast there and improve our equipment.
Next door opens to another room. But this room can be a little dangerous. Because if you enter this structure, you will be teleported to another universe and this universe is very dangerous! This was my home, not as perfect as the others, but I wanted it to be mysterious.
I finished my work on the computer. The hour was approaching iftar. So I immediately went to my mother and she told me we were going to make chicken with potatoes.
We immediately take out the chickens and peel the potatoes, put them all in water. On the one hand, we put Yarmas in water to make Yarma soup again. Then we make the spices and put them in the oven. We made a salad so that we could eat with it while cooking. It looked very tasty in salad. When it was cooked, it started to smell very delicious. I was looking forward to eating. Looks great right?

We had eaten our food and I was very full. Chicken with potatoes, Yarma Soup and salad were excellent, they were delicious.

|| Thank you for reading my diary I love you, don't forget to vote. ! ||

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