The Diary Game 29 May ||An unpleasant day..

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Hello everyone, today I will write with you what I experienced on may 29th.

I had a very bad feeling when I got up in the morning. This feeling was making me so nervous that I couldn't eat. When I woke up I woke up with a sweat, I went and washed my face. I felt more comfortable when I sobered up. When my family invited me to dinner, I couldn't come, I didn't want to eat anything. I spent time at the computer as usual to get over this uncomfortable situation.I had more or less forgotten about this feeling, but it still came to me from time to time. At this time, I started sports.

Both to forget this feeling and to make my body more beautiful. After starting the sports and doing my daily movements, I went for a walk. Because my condition was getting worse and I was doing everything to overcome it.


The weather was warm and beautiful. I was out to distract me. Headphones in my ear, phone in my hand, I was just thinking. I came home after walking for half an hour. My mother had made rice pudding when I got home. It looked delicious.But I didn't want to eat because I thought I would feel those feelings again while I was eating.

I politely refused to tell my mother that I would not eat rice pudding. Then we set off for dinner. We made bulgur pilaf, it looked delicious.
My mouth was watery looking great. I couldn't eat much. I had no appetite, I felt bad. So after dinner I went straight to bed and went to sleep. I couldn't take many pictures because I was sleeping.Today was a bit unpleasant, I hope you like it.

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Hope you recover soon