The stranger at the prom|| Positive Short Stories Series #2

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"Happiness is a very good feeling, it only takes a minute"

!Picture were quoted from the internet.

||As I walked down the corridor, I could hear the tart calm music coming from ahead. The walls of the corridor were decorated with paintings of nature and people in light pink tones. It had a red carpet that reached the door of where the balloon would be. There was a modern chandelier on the ceiling that illuminated it in pale yellow. The corridor was a little narrow. Everyone was entering the ballroom one by one through the door. When I entered the ballroom, it was so big and so magnificent that I was dazzled. I was very fascinated. How could this place with human labor be so unique? My mouth was left open. The air smelled heavy but very beautiful perfumes. Sweet candy woman scents mingled with woody male scents.


The drawing belongs to me.

I raised my skirt and settled on my table. As I sat at my table and watched the people, I noticed a very handsome gentleman with a thin body, black hair, not good facial features. He was laughing very well. When the song that was playing in the background suddenly became calm and sweet, it intensified my interest in him even more. He looked at me suddenly, I tried to look away, but him good looks for this situation reason prevented it.. I looked at him, the room looked at me. There was a smile on his face. I was so impressed that he smiled at me, but he was already gone. Then the song ramped up and everyone was a couple and went out on the track. They started dancing according to the song. Women were turning around in their clothes, men turning women there and there.


  • The drawing belongs to me.*

Then I felt a warmth in my hand. When I looked at my hand, one hand held me up and the owner was the handsome gentleman I had just met. Without saying a word, he first turned me around and then grabbed my waist and drooped me down She picked me up and turned again, her body touched my body. Then he put his hand on my waist and clasped the other hand with my hand. I hugged him as he danced slowly from left to right. The music and its scent was so pleasant that I could stay like this all day, even all year. After realizing that I was hugging, he slowly clasped both hands around my waist. We just danced. I felt like I was in heaven. When the song was over, he separated his body from me and said the following words :

"Happiness is a very good feeling, it only takes a minute"

After he said, he let go of my hand with the big smile on his face and disappeared into the crowd....

The script and writing are completely mine!

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