MY ENTRY to Steem Women Club Community CONTEST #14 : Invite Friends to Join Steemit

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Hello Beautiful Women of Steemit!!

How are you all doing today? I hope you all are well and safe. This post is my entry to contest number #14, Inviting my friends to Steemit! I have been around the Steemit since 2018 and became inactive but months ago I became active again. I miss blogging and not to mention the rewards I get when I do.

Me and my husband.

In inviting others to join Steemit, I don't need to go far. When I started to be active again in the platform, I've invited my husband to join with me . Then FINALLY, yesterday, I assisted him in creating his account here. His username is @arjayyuson and published his introduction post today. Here is the link of his introduction post.

A Screenshot of my husband's Account.

I have also invited a friend of mine days ago but she haven't posted anything yet. Her username is @wowie02. I will motivate her to start blogging here.

My husband actually saw my efforts in creating content for my Steemit account and have seen that I earned monetary rewards. To everyone who reads this post of mine who have not joined yet, let me sight to you the BENEFITS if you will join us and become active in creating content.


First, If you published quality contents in Steemit the probability of getting high rewards is great. So create more quality content! Post must be your own not copied. Plagiarism is not allowed in here. Steemit is one platform that gives our content monetary value.

Second, in Steemit you gain friends from all over the globe who shares the same passion in content creation not to mention those who love cryptocurrencies!

Third, being active in writing help us develop our writings skills more. It enhances our ability to be creative with our words and the way we create content. It keeps us always thinking and not stagnant. Like me, I am always on the look out for new topics I can write and can share to the community. I just hope that my followers likes what I share here. LOL

Fourth, in Steemit you can be part of a community that upholds the same values that you have. Like here in Steemwomens Club, a community of EMPOWERED WOMEN. Where we can share to the community what we can.

With the above mentioned BENEFITS in joining the Steemit Community, I hope we can invite more of our friends to join us here.

I am glad I joined Steemit and became active again. I am also glad that finally my husband joined me in my Steemit journey.

Thank you @Steemwomensclub for this contest. I invite @jurich60, @reginecruz, and @olivia08 to join too.

Special thanks to @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 @booming1 and @booming04 and to all Steemit Team for continuing to support quality contents not only in this community but to the rest of the Steemit community!

This is all from me now. Keep safe everyone and stay healthy!




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We must build and enhance this community.. you have a good post ate to encourage others.... 😊😊

Welcome kay Arjay! I just noticed now about twitter Met, matagal na bang nasa twitter ang Steemit?

Thanks Poi! Parang matagal na ata.

Welcome to Steemit @arjayyuson just go go you've got a nice tandem with your wife.

Thank you Ate for the support.always.

Your submission to the contest has been accepted. I am very happy that you mentioned the benefits of Steemit. As women, we will support each other. Do not give up. The end of patience will be happiness. Keep making posts in the community. Good luck

Thank you so much! Yes we will continue to support each other.

Hello, congratulations you are the winner of the 14th contest in the steem women club community. Continue making posts in the community.

Thank you so much! I am honored. Yes I will continue to make posts in the Steemwomen Club Community.