I have got a haircut 🙆‍♀️💇‍♀️👸

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Yees.. I took a small step for the world but a big step for me and finally got my hair cut. It is so difficult for me to get a haircut that I went to the hairdresser many times and came back home without a haircut. That's why my hair grew longer, but now an intervention was a must! Because it took too long and it started to be very difficult to maintain. I was feeling uncomfortable and finally made an appointment and went to the hair salon I always go to!

While my hairdresser was taking care of other people, I sat and waited for her to have a drink. So many times I wanted to give up and go home. Also, everyone there said that my hair was very beautiful and tried to dissuade me.


But this time I was determined! Because I've been convincing myself of this for months already. Anyway, I said it's getting too long, change will be good for me, and I stopped at my decision. Before the cut, my hair was washed and I got ready for the cut.


And we finally made the cut! My hairdresser didn't want to cut it too short either, but we both liked it very much after the cut was finished. I am incredibly relieved! I was relieved when my hair was cut because it was too heavy for me.


I love my new hair. I wish it to bring me luck. I cut them a little short as they grow pretty fast. I will have enjoyed this model like this!
I don't think it will take too long after that. I want to use it for a short while, at least. I think it will be very comfortable in terms of use.


I hope you like it too.. Waiting for your feedback!


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Süper olmuş, değişiklik iyidir ve sana yakışmış.. ✌️

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Çok teşekkür ederim 🙏 Gerçekten çok iyi geldi, inanılmaz rahatladım 🙆‍♀️🤗💗

umarım sizin de söylediğiniz gibi size şans getirir 😊

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Teşekkür ederim güzel dileğimiz için 🤗

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Saçınızın bu halide çok yakışmış.

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Beğenmenize sevindim 🤗

Sihatlar olsun, çok yakışmış yeni saç modeliniz🙏🥰

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Teşekkür ederim mela hanım biraz zor karar alıp yaptım ama bende çok sevdim 🤗🌺

Samimi söyluyorum çok yakışmış.
Kararinizin sonucu 👍👍👍👍

Çok tatlı olmuş ☺️

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Yaaa çok teşekkür ederim nursel hanım 🤗🙆‍♀️🙏

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Kuzum benim saçların harika olmuş 🤗zaten çok güzeldin daha da güzelleşmişsin 😍☺️

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Teşekkür ederim canım benim 🙏💗🌺Beğenmene sevindim çünkü ben baya kararsız kaldım aylar sonra kestirebildim🙆‍♀️😂

Çok yakışmış arada denemek insanın havasını değiştirir

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Evet çok iyi geldi yenilik. Teşekkür ediyorum 🤗🌺

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Looks like you had a nice hair cut.

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Thank you so much 🙏🤗