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Greetings to you all my wonderful friends and fellow steemians, trust you are all doing great? I am compelled to explain in simplest steps how we can successfully add what3word code to the pictures we upload in our posts. Most times we take pictures in a particular location and as such, we need to add the location code so one can easily locate the place you took the picture.

My new recruits keep asking me how to add this code to their pictures. Though I have been mentoring them individually, but there is no way I can get to them all if not through post of this nature. I want to reach wider audience with this post.

The tutorial is all about getting the code from your browser like chrome and others. It has an application and one must download the app before use. But I prefer that of using the browser. It is easier for me and more convenient. Additionally, we always run in to the problem of space in our devices, hence, this steps. Please follow along as I guide you through it in a more simplified form with screenshots.


Step 1

Open your browser. I am demonstrating with chrome.

This is how chrome looks like. Just tap it.


Step 2

On your address bar, type what3word to open the page for you.

This is the options that will display when you type it. Then tap on anyone to open

This is how the environment looks like

At this stage, you you already have a picture you took in a particular location, it could be your home, along the road, fastfoods, name your location. For the purpose of this tutorial, I want to locate Dechoice mall in Uyo , Akwa Ibom State Nigeria. I want to copy the 3 words code from what3word page that when someone uses I to search for the location, it will take the person straight to the place.


Step 3

On the what3word page, you will see a search icon,

I have indicated it using the red arrow on this screenshot.

Tap on it, it will bring out where you will type the picture location name, in this case Dechoice mall in Uyo city.

You can from this screenshot that it has brought out all the known places that bears that name. You are to choose the one that best describes your location. Since I am looking for the one in Ekot Ekpene Road Uyo, I will tap on it.

The 3word code will come out as you can see in the screenshot below. I have indicated it by circling it with red color. It is that code that you need only. In the screenshot below you will also see a copy icon besides these 3 words. I have indicated it using red arrow.


If you look at the screenshot below, you will see that it is actually where the shopping mall is. If you are sure how the map of the location is, you will notice it in this screenshot below


The red circle is where the location of the mall is.

But sometimes we find out that the location of out picture, might not be seen in the what3word page. That means, the map did not capture the place. What I usually do is to look for a well known place that I am sure will be in the map, type the name of that place and then on the map, I will try to locate the place. Ones I do, I will tap that place and the code will come out. Take a look at the screenshot below


From the screenshot above, you can see that the location have been shifted from the Dechoice mall to another location where I took the picture in my post. I have indicated the location of Dechoice mall with red circle while the new location has the red arrow. You can navigate to trace your picture location. Once I am certain that I have gotten the location, the next thing will be to copy the code.


Step 4

Click the copy icon close to the 3 words and before the search icon to copy the 3 words.

This screenshot shows the 3 words and the copy icon.

Once you click the copy icon, you have successfully gotten your 3 word code.


**Step 5 **

Go back to your post where the image you uploaded is paste the code either above the image code or below.

Dechoice mall

You can see where I pasted the code below the picture code.

  • To add markdown style to it such that someone can just click it and it takes the person to the map, see below.

This screenshot shows the markdown style

This screenshot shows the result

This screenshot shows the 2nd markdown style

This one shows the result.

You can use any style, they are all saying the same thing.

Congratulations, you have successfully added the what3word code to your pictures.

Thank you all for learning with steem. I believe this is surely helpful to the newest newbies we have . Please, I will entertain questions on the comment section in case you are still confused.


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Thank you my dear @ngoenyi
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Yes you can.

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You are welcome

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