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Hello beautiful ladies,

I hope you all are well. Today I am going to tell you about how to make a handcraft gift from colored A4 papers.


This way we can make a beautiful handcraft gift and give it to our friends as a birthday gift. It would be great if we could make one of our own, rather than buying one at the store.

There are a few materials you need to make this handcraft gift.


• Color A4 papers each ( light pink colour, blue colour, dark pink colour, light green colour and yellow )
• A pencil and circle
• A scissor
• A little stuffing
• A bottle of gum


First, cut a piece of blue paper 16cm wide and 16cm long. Cut it out and make a strainer as shown in the picture above.


Cut a sheet of light pink colour paper 21cm * 21cm and fold it into three pieces.


Now it's time to make the flower. To do this, cut a piece of yellow paper into several pieces. Two pieces 8cm * 8cm long, three pieces 7cm * 7cm long and three pieces 6cm * 6cm long. The pieces of paper should then be folded separately and cut into the shape of a flower as follows.


Now you can make a flower by sticking the cut petals together.

Logopit_1614068557301.jpgThis flower should be pasted on the pink paper we cut first.


Afterthat we have to fill stuffing the blue paper strainer and paste the letters steemit cut from the light green paper on it. To decorate the strainer, cut out a butterfly from a piece of pink paper and stick it on it.

Butterfly cut from light pink paper


Now all we have to do is make the handcrafted gift we made beautiful. For that I used shells and plastic flowers. You can even use anything else you like to decorate it.

Final look


The End

Thanks for reading.

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Nicely done.. lovely design!

Thank you so much.

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very cute darling I loved it. Congratulations

Thank you sis @saracampero. ❤

Gracias hermana. ❤

Felicidades, Felicitaciones muy lindos.