The Wonders of Palm Kernel Oil by @patience90

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Hello, welcome to my blog dear beautiful ladies of @steemwomenclub. I am going to be sharing with you the wonderful benefits and nutritional value of Palm Kernel oil.


Palm kernel oil is a colourless-edible oil extracted from the nuts of the palm fruits (Elaeis guineensis) called kernel. This should not be misunderstood with the palm oil that is being derived from palm fruits.
Palm Kernel Oil contains vitamin E and it prevents signs and symptoms of aging.

The uses of Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel oil as a natural oil that is extracted from the natural source has a lot of uses which include:

  • It can be used for cooking
  • It can be used as skin care product
  • It can be used as ear drop to ease pain
  • It can also be used as hair oil

My potatoes and eggs source with palm kernel oil

Benefits of Palm Kernel Oil

  • It helps detoxify the body
  • It helps in softening the skin
  • It increases hair growth
  • It helps in controlling blood pressure
  • It tackles body odor
  • It heals ear infection


Palm Kernel Oil is mostly used for neonates in Africa because it helps in aiding smooth stooling for newborns with a little drip into the mouth and also use as body moisturizer.
Get a natural palm kernel oil today and you will surely enjoy the outcome both as food and skincare.

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Special thanks to @ngoenyi and @svm038

Best Wishes

 4 months ago 

This is great, I love using this alot. Thanks for sharing.

 4 months ago 

Wow! Palm kernel oil used for cooking? I never knew. Thanks for sharing @patience90. Please how does it taste in food, same taste as palm oil?

 4 months ago 

It taste like vegetable oil.
So delicious.

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