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Welcome to my blog friends.!
Is yet another concept of my Diarygame entry;
My activities for Saturday May-22-2021.


Dear Diray,

Bliss visiting you today!
My day began in the morning when I woke up, by 06:34am Africa Nigeria Time.

I was up so early because I was to attend a class by 08:00am.
Since it was weekend,I had to do some house chores before leaving for the class.

I tidy up the house,then have my dirty clothes washed.

My clothes after washing

After washing I received a called from my lecturer,she called to remind me of my discussion with her, about Signingup her brother on steemit.

I was to meet with her brother that morning by 09:00am,but because of the fixed class we both agreed that we are going to meet later in the day after my lectures.

After the call I prepared something to eat, for breakfast before l left for the class.

In the class while waiting for the lecturer to come I introduce Steemit, to two of my course mate.
Me in class explaining steemit to my course mates

After the explanation I was so bittered, because they couldn't signup.
One wasn't using an Android phone,why the other one was using a faulty phone
But they both promised, to join when things fall in place for them.

After the class I went home to freshing up.
While in the bathroom I got a call from my girlfriend that I talked to about steemit long ago, she called to let me know she was in town, that she wants to signup.

I quickly left to join her where she was.
Me and my girlfriend Signingup up steemit account for her
Her username is @kalara!

While with @kalara, my lecturer called again, in respect of her brother steemit signup.

I left to my lectures house with @kalara

When I got to my lectures house I met with her brother,I explained steemit to him, singup an account for him and mentored him on how to go about his Achievement1 tasks.

I was glad I achieveed, my aim of going there.
Though he is a first learner,he was able to catch up quick.

Me and at bentala Signingup his account



@bentala set for his Achievement1 task Entry

After that I went back to my house with @kalara to complete her Introductory post but we couldn't achieve that because her phone battery was low, and no power supply.

The day was kind of stressed for me,but I managed to make my city coordinators report before retired for the day.

@bentala has completed his Achievement task vissit here

Written by @pricelesspresh

Best regards to

 6 months ago 

Hello dear @pricelesspresh,I must really recommend your hard work in recruitment,indeed you will surely go far in steemit.
Keep up the good work ma'am.

 6 months ago 

Thank you my dear namesake, I appreciate your comment.
Recruitment is not an easy task, but is what I have choosen to do.
To prove my love for steemit.

Thanks for checking on my blog. ❣️

 6 months ago 

You're welcome sis

 6 months ago 

Weldone dear, and keep it up with the good work of introducing steemit to people 👍

 6 months ago 

Thank you dear for visiting my blog

Wow! This is quite impressive. I feel blessed and honoured to be included in this well detailed report. @pricelesspresh, thank you for taking your time to mentor me and also giving me the opportunity to join this great platform.

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