Giving Back the Support From Steemit Community to the People | Truly a Chain of Goodness

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It's a wonderful day today most especially yesterday *(March 24, 2021) because we are able to give back to the people especially the kids in neighboring areas the chain of goodness we received from the steemit supporters especially @steemcurator01 and the Steem Women Club admin and MOD.


To look back from my previous posts in the chain of goodness in this community, I was able to get numerous support, and from those upvotes and earnings, I have to continue the chain of goodness to the community where we live. As the saying goes, great things start from small beginnings, it was such a great joy for me, my wife @georgie84 and to the rest of our family members that we were able to feed some people because people with generous heart like you (you who is reading this) is also helping us. Again, truly a chain of goodness and mercy last forever.

These were the two previous post I made that gain generous upvotes from supporters . Please click link for references. post 1 post 2

The Feeding Process
A day before yesterday, I purchase 60 pieces of hotdog buns and 2 kilos of hotdogs (55 pieces all in all) to make sure that we will not run out of supply in the market.


And the following morning in our apartment, I had to prepare the hotdogs by taking out the plastic and boil them before frying at Mama's house just to make sure kids will get cooked and freshly made hotdog buns. Then after boiling the hotdogs we packed up and brought them with the buns, mayonnaise, catchup, disposable plastic glass (to prevent kids from using the same glass with others), and paper towel ( to wrap the hotdog buns) to Mama's house where the kids and adults were excitedly waiting for the 2 in the afternoon.

Of course, I can't do all this things without the help of my wife @georgie84 with her encouragement and full support as we share the same goal and that is to help even in little ways.


When we got at Mama's place, the family started to prepare the necessary things needed. We had our uncle Ruben (Mama's younger brother) who make sure that no flies could touch on the buns and ran errands for us. Sister Vilma @sweetspicy for the set-up of the gas stove, table and helped us with the hotdog buns. Sister Rose who assisted the distribution and make sure kids would go straight home after getting snacks so that they will not be exposed with any viruses. Brother Betoy for gathering all the kids around and also adults. And of course the best supporter as always our Mama Betty for frying the hotdogs and wrapping the buns with paper towel. Everyone was happy while doing each chores. That was a call for a complete family sharing kindness to people.


The ongoing preparation
After frying the hotdogs, we started to prepare the hotdog buns by putting mayonnaise and catchup and wrapping them with paper towels, and we did not forgot washing our hands and sanitize before preparing the food.

Ready for distribution. My wife facilitates first and give instructions to kids to go back directly to their houses and not to forget to say thank you whenever they received something may it be small or big. That way kids will learn to be grateful in life as well while looking back in their young age that they have this certain family who loves giving them snacks from time to time.



Aside from the kids, teenagers and parents were able to enjoy the snacks too!



These are some of the houses where those kids live


Out of 60 buns and 55 hotdogs, we were able to distribute 51 hotdog buns with lemon juice to kids, teenagers, and parents. The extra snacks were eaten by us. There were 4 hotdog buns and extra bread that we shared with family. look how happy are these 3 who got their share of snacks... smiles are priceless just like kids.


THANK YOU very much @steemwomenclub for this chance that we are able to continue what the family has started long time ago by feeding our neighboring people. It such a big joy for us because we don't have to worry much of the time if the food would be enough for them. The last time we only had less than 25 snacks and some kids was not able to get because they came in late and no more available, but this time we had extra and everyone enjoys. For sure for the next feeding, we already have an idea that a lot of kids and families just live around the area and some had snacks from us for the first time yesterday.

To the supporters @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 we were not able to buy that special snacks if not from your help. Truly the chain of goodness in this planet should be activated and we need more people like you to support little beginnings that people like us who wants to extend blessings to those in really need. THANK YOU!

To fellow steemians who resteemed, upvoted, shared their kind words of appreciation for our work, and was inspired by us,** THANK YOU!



Great work.

Maybe you can keep the chain of goodness going with the vote.

Wonder if you could even print a few Steem T-shirts for the children with this vote?

@anroja in Steem SEA may be able to give some advice on the T-shirts.

Hi @steemcurator01

Thank you for the continuous support. For sure me and my family will continue the chain of goodness as it really makes us happy seeing those people happy as well.

I will get T-shirts for the children soon and will wait for @anroja for some advice and maybe a logo...

God bless you and all the steemit family!

Dear @steemitcebu
Thank you for sharing happiness with the people around you, this is very good for the promotion of Steem. But it will be very interesting if you can use t-shirts or distribute t-shirts to them. Although not all at once depending on the funds you have. For logo design, you can use the simple Steem SEA logo, because the Philippines is also part of the Southeast Asia region. But if you don't like it, you can design another logo that includes the Steemit logo as the main logo.


Hi @anroja,

I like the idea of the Steam Sea logo and a logo of steemit. I will share to you when I get to design before printing. Thank you very much for the huge support to the people in my area.

God bless you!

Thank you my friend.

Hi @anroja
We would like to ask your permission if we could use this logo we got from your page for the T-shirt we will make for the children. My wife and I decided to use this as we think it fits for them and also we can get cheaper printing of shirts because it doesn't have a lot of color.

Thank you very much!

steemit logo 2.png

Kami dengan senang hati menyerahkannya. Selama tidak digunakan untuk komersialisasi.
Apalagi anda mencetak kaosnya, Anda bisa mengirimkan untuk @cryptokannon satu potong..😄

Kami mohon anda mengumumkan di post tentang penggunaan logo ini, dan untuk perdana, bila anda berkenan, mohon mengatur sebagian payout untuk kami, reward dari post tersebut nantinya, akan kami gunakan untuk memperbanyak T-shirt Steem SEA juga..

Sounds good! I dunno how to send one for @cryptokannon, though I would like to 😁.

I will announce in my next post soon that we will use this logo for our T-shirt design for children with your approval.

Thank you!

People who has a big heart like you will be bless more. Continue to help and touch others life.

Es una hermosa labor la que realizan❤️ Dios les bendiga 🙏

Thank you @stefanycaldera. God bless you too!

Wow! What a great move sir. Xurely God is so happy of what you did. Its a plus points from above...

Thank you so much!

QUE MARAVILLA!!! Diossss BENDIGA SUS OBRAS y los ilumine para que continuen con esta gran bondad de ayudar al necesitado...

Hoping these children will also learn the value of being kind to others. Thank you for the appreciation @karelys5318

Hermosa labor! Les felicito pues han dedicado tiempo a llevar alegría al necesitado.
Si miramos alrededor y vemos la necesidad y podemos hacer algo, eso hará la diferencia.

A small help really makes difference to people especially with kids... Thank you for appreciating our work for the chain of goodness...

Así es! de verdad que las buenas obras hacen la diferencia!

Thank you very much!

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Congratulations to this kind-hearted man!

Thank you sir!

wow, continue doing this kabayan. 👏👍

I will. Salamat po

Wowww such an inspiring way of sharing mam lorns @georgie84 and sir @steemitcebu truly God is very happy with these deeds. I hope everyone no matter how little, will be able to help one another to ease the trying times today. Just like what you are doing 🧡🧡🧡

Thank you for appreciation Ma'am.

Thank you @rosevillariasa. May the good deeds be seen from every day.

God bless you always. I hope you can still doing what you do and receiving lots of support. :D

I hope so too! We just have to continue doing good work and keep on praying. God bless you too!

You made us very happy by participating in this event. Help and goodness should multiply like a chain.

Exactly!. Thank you very much for creating and helping this community grow and chain of goodness is within us all... May the goodness of the world reach to everyone.

What a wonderful act of kindness. It needs a big heart to serve people like this.
I wish you a prosperous life ahead!

Thank you so much for the good wishes. I wish you a prosperous life ahead too!

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Dios bendiga sus acciones porque todo lo que se hace con el corazón sera bendecido.
Me encanto leerte tienes una gran corazón!


Thank you @yurimar. God bless you too!

que buena labor, Dios los bendiga.

Thank you... God bless you too!

Please help me saving my Dad. It's very urgent. Kindly resteem and upvote my post. It will be of great help.

I have been praying for your Dad. Resteemed and upvoted.

Wow! That's so kind of you to do this! Keep it up po! Stay safe always

Wow! That's so kind of
You to do this! Keep it up
Po! Stay safe always

                 - sgbonus

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I will do my best to keep it up!... Stay safe always as well. God bless you!

Nice way to share the blessings you received. Continue doing what you started.

God Bless you and your family.

Thank you for appreciating our work @atongis . God bless you too and whatever your heart desires.