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Hello beautiful women of the community;


I will introduce our representatives today. Our community now has 560 members. Of course, this will increase. The number of quality posts started to increase. We strive for you to prepare quality posts and get votes. It is getting harder and harder to read every woman's post. As the founder of this community, I try to read each article carefully. Especially I read the contest posts several times. . Of course, I do not want to leave the posts of the women of the community I founded without comment and assistance.

GOODWILL is a goal that will serve our purpose in the community. Everyone helps each other, and if we assume that we are not one, we can all win together. Of course, my goals are for the growth of the community, but helping you do this is my first task.

• Therefore, two representatives would be better helpful.
This way we will try to provide voting support for every quality post and you will receive information for quality content.

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You can all know him. She is also a woman who helped me when I first entered steemit and worked hard for communities. She did good things thanks to her determination and patience. A woman who does a lot of work for her family and devotes herself to Steemit. I hope we will work together for many years. Welcome MOD @ngoenyi !!

Meet her;




She is a mother of a girl who lives in Venezuela. A woman who clings to Steemit, despite the difficult situations of her country and the internet problem. Her determination and hand skills affect you all very much. She is quite talented. I'm happy to be together in this community!

Meet her;

Steem Women's Club için sunumum | Merhaba, ben Sara Campero 👋

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What will the WomenClub Community Representative do?

• Will help me as the founder of this community.
• It will warmly welcome the participants of the competition.
• It will be a guide for newcomers.
• Help women prepare quality posts.
• Will delegate to support the community,
• First of all, he must know all the rules of Steemiit, she must be preparing quality posts,
• Entries to the contest should warn for the contest rules
• the most important thing is to see it as a job.

  • If we want to reach our goals in steemit, we have to cross disabled roads.We can see this as a job. Our aim is to create quality and original content instead of unnecessary information on this platform. And at the same time it will be to gain a certain profit while sharing our ideas.The representative is confident that her content in this community will get good support from the curators because of her support for this community

  • Nobody is wasting their time. To say that this community is strong is a plus option for all of us.It means voting more for quality content.

Earn STEEM with Delegation!

Many people did not understand what delegation meant. To put it briefly, it is to help strengthen the community and increase voting power by transferring some of your SP completely without giving it away. If you want, you can transfer for a certain period of time. We use your power to give you the opportunity to vote high. This authorization process will not do you any harm. On the contrary, you contribute to someone else's power with your delegations. You can stop this process at any time.

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Why Should I Lead the Delegation of Power to the Community?

• You can earn a steady income by contributing to Community Empowerment. If the community's voting power is high, my ability to vote for you will increase. I will definitely vote on your duties according to the delegation you have made. That way, you can become an associate member of the community. This ensemble is all for women. Now is support time!

• Empowerment is an activity both for you and to strengthen the community. You don't have any harm. On the contrary, if the power of the community is high, the voting power it will give you will be high. Remember that you have a chance to cancel. At the same time, your roles will change according to the delegation you give. You can reach the link for detailed information.

  • Curators will consider people who contribute to the community and make quality posts. That's why I'm changing your titles.

Delegation Time for a Strong Steem Women Club Community | What is Delegation?

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Delegates to the Community

19 people made delegations. The number of delegates and amounts are changing day by day. So I will announce the new delegations. I can say that you won nothing but lost anything. Thank you very much for the delegates.

@ainie.kashif 100.076

@benavides54 50.008

@carolinacardoza 250.163

@eumelysm 250.107

@Janemorane 100.008

@Lorennys 250.175

@Meivys 250.210

@mirla33 50.025

@monz122 250.114

@naka05 50.025

@Ngoenyi 250.165

@samynathy 50.035

@Saracampero 200.007

@Sharifanamin 100.029

@slwzl 50.042

@svm038 1.502.065

@Vvarishayy 500.331

@Yolimarag 250.063

@Yurimar 250.123

9 şubat delege.JPG

9 şubat delegeee.JPG

  • I would like to express that I am very happy on behalf of the community, many thanks to the delegates. We will work harder for you and continue to prepare quality shipments. Your rewards will expire 30 days from the date you make.

Delegation Awards;

Delegation Weekly Monthly
50 SP 0,0625 0,25
100 SP 0,125 0,50
250 SP 0,3125 1,25
500 SP 0,625 2,50
1000 SP 1,25 5
2500 SP 3,125 12,50

100 SP 'Member'

250 SP 'Assistant Member'

500 SP 'VIP member'

1000 SP 'Leader'

2500 SP '' Platinum Leader '

• Your title will change according to your delegation. Contribute to the growth of the community.

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When Will Delegation Awards Be Distributed?

• Awards We have stated how much you can earn weekly and monthly. But it will be deposited into your account monthly. Many communities are delegated, but very few communities distribute delegation awards. As the founders who want you to win, we will offer you this opportunity.

• Your monthly payments will be made regularly based on today. Their proportion may increase as the community's delegations become stronger. I can also state that if the votes given to us by the curators increase, the rates will increase. You can win by preparing quality posts, and we can win by delegation and we can give you high votes.

  • If you have any questions, you can contact me on discord.

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SteemWomen's Club Discord :

Twitter Account: Steemwomensclub

Support us by delegating STEEM POWER.

50SP 100SP 250SP 500 Sp1000SP2500SP

Muchas felicidades a los nuevos representantes se refuerza el trabajo en función de mejores logros para todos. Excelente

#onepercent #venezuela #affable

 26 days ago 

Hello @steemwomensclub, I am very happy for this wonderful responsibility that you have bestowed on me. It is a great privilege to work along with the amazing founder of this noble community for women @svm038.

I will welcome your instructions as to how my duties are to be carried out. I will try my best to show my support to the extent possible.

Thank you so much for seeing good in me.

#twopercent #nigeria #affable

 26 days ago 

I thank you. Because you will be a joyful representative to the community.

 26 days ago 

Thank you ma'am. I appreciate the privilege to serve

 25 days ago 

Thank you very much my love.

Congratulations @ngoenyi my sister, may you be strengthened so as to help carry the burdens fellow women of steemwomensclub.

 26 days ago 

Thanks dear sister, I appreciate

I knew there was something special about her when we first met here online, now its here for everyone to see. Congratulations @ngoenyi.

 26 days ago 

Thanks dear, I appreciate.

 25 days ago 

Congratulations dear, I'm glad to see you here. I wish you much success my dear.

 24 days ago (edited)

Thanks love. I am happy to work with you. Congratulations to you too

Congratulations @ ngoenyi, you really deserve it. Hard works truly pays.
Once again congratulaions

 26 days ago 

Thanks dear

Congratulations on the appointment given to you both to represent steemwomen's club around your environment, hardwork and commitment has made that possible. I wish you @ngoenyi and @saracampero the zeal and strength to keep doing more.

#twopercent #nigeria

 26 days ago 

Thank you so much dear @iamlynxie, I appreciate the good wishes. I will do my best to discharge the duties as stated.

 24 days ago 

Thank you very much dear, we are very happy that you are here. Greetings and blessings to you.

@steemwomensclub, this is really good. I love how you administrate and plan things in this community.
Congratulations to the newly appointed country representatives @ngoenyi and @saracampero. I wish you both well in your newly positions and work here.
Best regards

 26 days ago 

Thanks dear for the good wishes

 24 days ago 

Thank you dear. Successes and blessings for you in our community.

Cograts all topers.

 26 days ago 

Thank you sir

Congratulations @ngoenyi, I wish you more wins. Your are indeed making us proud.

 26 days ago 

Thank you sir

Congrats @ngoenyi and @saracampero. Great news for both of you :)

 26 days ago 

Thanks dear friend

 24 days ago 

Thank you very much friend.

Congratulations to @ngoenyi and @saracampero, they both will do a great job!

 26 days ago 

Thanks dear @katty77. I appreciate

 24 days ago 

Thank you precious, united women will never be defeated....

Wowww. Congratulations Mama @ngoenyi. This is a great feat and position. I pray for grace to be able to carry out your duties effectively.

 26 days ago 

Thank you love, and thanks for all your good wishes

Добро пожаловать, @ngoenyi, @saracampero 👍😂🇺🇦

 24 days ago 

Very mucho dear

Congratulations to these beautiful women, Africa and Venezuela, two sister countries, Venezuelans have African roots too. I would like to delegate but I must try to change trx to steem, because I am always power up in my accumulated.

 24 days ago 

Thank you very much dear 'cheer up, united we will be very strong ...

 25 days ago 

Muchas gracias por escoger a una guerrera venezolana que día a día da todo lo mejor de si para echar para adelante, @Saracampero que tengas mucho éxito y que todo el trabajo que emprendas sea bendecido por Dios.

 24 days ago 

Gracias mi querida amiga siempre me va a llegar verte participando en nuestra comunidad. Saludos y éxitos para ti.

Congratulations to all the representatives especially @ngoenyi, you really deserve it. Wish you the best.

 24 days ago 

Thanks dear

a nice sharing :))

Congratulations @saracampero and @ngoenyi. Many, many successes at @steemwomensclub.

 22 days ago 

Thank you so much my beautiful woman, we keep winning together because we are stronger together

Congratulations @ngoenyi !! You are an inspiration to me. Your consistency and hard work. I will learn well! Well done ma

Congratulations @saracampero !