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Hello beautiful women of Steem Women Club community;

Today I will explain to you the 13th contest of Steem Women Club community. You showed great interest in the competitions. I am very happy for that. Seeing you win makes us happy.
I announced the results of the competition a few days ago. We try to choose the topics of the contest in a way that is both beneficial for the community and for your participation./p>

This week, we will introduce Steemit to our friends as a contest. We will share it on different social media. And we will keep them active. In this way, we will both introduce your friends to steemit and we will strive to reach more people.Our motto in the community is WE ARE STRONG TOGETHER!


• A picture and a text paragraph were not selected as a quality post. We make the posts exclusive to Steemite with the hashtag #steemexclusive.
You can be chosen once a week. However, you may not be chosen once again, as it is someone who writes better than you. Numerous quality posts have been created in the community. We are working to vote for all of them. The curators and I are trying to support it. Therefore, the importance of empowerment is to increase the strength of the community and give you a higher vote.

• I warn you on both personal and community posts so you can create quality posts. If you follow the rules and create quality posts, your chances of getting votes from both @steemwomensclub and curators increase. With the #Steemexclusive tag, we ensure that your posts are exclusive to Steemit. You cannot post any of your posts in this community to another community.

• I send 5 quality posts to curators every day that don't get votes. This way, we try to support unrated quality posts. I will continue to select quality contest posts that have not received votes. I don't choose the same person twice a week because quality posts are on the rise. A fair system is applied.

Open House Real Estate Invitation  Postcard.png

What is the subject of the contest?

We will enable our friends who have never met Steemit to register. Or we will motivate our friends who are registered but are not active to be active. And we will post and make sure they participate in the contest.

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Competition Tips;


• First of all, you will sign up a friend of Steemit.

• You will make your registered friend share a post.

• Or, you will tag a friend who has registered but is not active to be active.

• Talk about the benefits of Steemit.

• Motivate them to be active.

• Make the sentences they need to get excited!

• Strive to publicize Steemit and the community.

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About the Competition

Steemit is the most useful and profitable social media platform in this world. We have to help people become members and active. For this, we have to talk about our own achievements. We must give the necessary incentive to motivate. We should share our posts on our social media accounts. In this way, we will announce both this community and STEEMIT TO THE WORLD.

Turkey time will end 13 April 23:59.

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Contest Rules;

Share your posts on your social media accounts with the hashtags #steem #steemit #steemwomenclub. (Those who do not share cannot participate in the contest.)

Use your own original image

Follow Steem women club social media accounts!

You must share your post in the SteemWomen Club community

Pictures must be your own

Resteem the contest post

your post must be your own

Invite your friends

Share each post in just one community!

You should use the #steemwomenclub and #advertiseonsteemit and #yourcountry (example #turkey)tags.(Don't Forget)!!

Submissions with incorrect labels are not accepted.

Submissions that do not show the application stages will not be accepted.

  • The reason we make this tag is to keep the contest posts together and the selection is easy.


Competition Awards;

You know, I explained before that the reward system has changed. I mentioned that we will be supported by @Booming accounts. From now on, our Contest winners will be supported by @booming01 and @booming04.

1st Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming01 (Approximately $40)

2nd Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming01 ($40)

3rd Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming04 ( $40)

I will send it to the community support program for the quality post I will choose on the 4th and 5th winner. I will get you votes. For this reason, there will be 3 winners. 4th and 5th the winner will receive a surprise vote.

•Curators have different votes for everyone. Votes outside the competition are not guaranteed.

•If your post past 7 days is selected, your active post will be voted on.

#contest You can also get support from different curators using the tag.

Shape 3.png

My Awards Are Not Awarded. What Can I Do?


If you do not receive votes from the competition awards; Sometimes curators are too busy, or they can be overlooked. you can kindly forward this to me on discord. We will tell this to the necessary people. The result of the competition is definitely announced on the 8th and 9th days. Therefore, if you participate in the contest on the first day and win, the contest prize, which is 100%, is given to your active post. There may be a question in your mind for those who do not know this. Both the curators and I note that the votes are cast.

  • And I want to say that; @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 give high ratings to the posts I selected for the community support program. We work together to support you. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER ! Let's win together and achieve our goal.

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SteemWomen Club Discord :

İnstagram Account: Steem WOmen Club

Twitter Account:Steemwomenclub

Blog Site : Site

Support us by delegating STEEM POWER.

50SP 100SP 250SP 500 Sp1000SP2500SP


I enjoy being part of this community... I really admire the work that steemwomenclub it's doing for all the users. And I hope That this can have a happy ending, that this can be solved. God bless You all...

Thank you very much for your support and nice message. Thanks to your love for the community, we will grow.

 last month (edited)

Hello friend @svm038, I have witnessed how hard you work for the community and the support you give us all the girls who are part of this community, we can all make mistakes and more if we do not know something.
From my humble opinion I recommend that you make a post expressing what were the reasons why you did it I think the curator will understand, I know that everything is clarified, greetings and blessings.

Thank you very much for your support and nice message. Thanks to your love for the community, we will grow.

@svm038 - you are withdrawing 500 STEEM from the community account again.

We give big votes on @steemwomensclub so that the account can build up SP to support the community and not rely on @steemcurator and @booming votes so much.

That won't happen if you keep withdrawing the STEEM.

 last month 

Hello @steemcurator01, first of all thank you for supporting the official account in order to make it grow! And also for supporting all the girls who wake up thinking of you every day XD. I hope this is just a misunderstanding! And thank you very much for the correction and it is certain that sevim will not withdraw more from the official account of the community.

Thank you very much and sorry to our friend.

Thank you very much for your support and nice message. Thanks to your love for the community, we will grow.

The dear @svm038 and @saracampero have been people who have collaborated a lot in the beautiful SteemWomen Club community, they are human beings, beings who can make mistakes, however I feel that they have done very well. Thanks to them, many of the women feel supported and listened to. I think one of the organizers was unaware of their action, but that does not determine their work. With all due respect, but thanks to this community many women feel very good, they publish quality content and so much so that I have met people with noble hearts who have helped me emotionally and financially, this community deserves support and love, as they show excellent interaction between all users. I am grateful to write in this community, the selection is fair and deserves recognition for the hard work of choosing many publications, they are good people, very hard-working and noble.

Thank you very much for your support and nice message. Thanks to your love for the community, we will grow.


You made such a comment, but you haven't seen how hard I worked for the community. You cannot know my sacrifices for the community. I am a family with fixed income. That's why I care about my community. And I have never used a community steem for personal expense. Do not tell me your prejudices. I organized trainings for women to earn more. And I will run this community to the fullest! You cannot criticize me like that with any comment. I prepared the posts with a fair selection. I read the contest posts day and night. Do you have any news? Please do not be heartbreaking about the community you are not familiar with while writing comments. As I always say in this community, it is paramount that women win.


then have a general conversation. I must say for myself that the community is very valuable to me. and the election is made without discriminating anyone. Of course there will be a reward for this. I do everything I can for the steemit and the community. even if this is working day and night.

 last month (edited)

Woah I didn't know it was forbidden. every community is withdrawing. What are we entitled to as community managers? If this is forbidden, I will definitely not do this. You should announce the ban on this. In addition, the steem price thought of the shoot was to buy more steems.
It was more to strengthen the steempower. It was to gain more power by utilizing the steems in my hand. I did it to contribute more to the community.
I meet my needs from my personal account. I've said it before. I did not make any personal expenses from the community. If it is forbidden, I will not do that. I care about the community, I choose posts with a fair voting system, regardless of interest and without any interests. As I always say, this community is a job for us and I do it with pleasure. I don't want it to be a bad thought for myself.

You have to see how much effort I have put into it until today, and how I enjoyed it. I tried to solve each woman's problem myself. I have good intentions. I wrote a post for women to write quality posts, even at night. It's okay if I don't deserve it. I would like women to vote. I'm very sorry that you withdrew your vote on my personal account. I thought, did I ever deserve this? But you know this will not happen again.

Respects. @steemcurator01

 last month (edited)

I'm striving for the benefit of the community. My only wish was to get more of the steem thought and increase my strength. If you wish, I can throw 500 steem again. This is not a problem. I never do anything that is not forbidden. The last thing I want is to break the rules at Steemit. I am disappointed when votes are dropped from my personal account. My only goal was to increase my strength and give high votes to the women in the community. This has happened and will not be filmed again. I will do my job again with the same pleasure.


আপনি দেখছেন আমরা কি করি। শেষ ১ সপ্তাহে ৪৮ জন সাপোর্ট পাইছে ৫৬ টা টপ পোস্টের মধ্যে। না জেনে কম্পেলেইন করলে, আমি আপনার নামে কম্পেলেইন দিব।

is It tree plantation.?. your post tree plantation.. but no plantation here why you select this post..thousand of question to you

dear @omor1999 ভাই

আপনি যদি লাস্ট কিছুদিন @steem-bangladesh এর পোস্টগুলো দেখতেন, তাহলে আর এই মন্তব্য করতে পারতাম না। আমাদের কমিউনিটি তে বর্তমানে অনেক নিয়ম কারণ চেঞ্জ করা হয়েছে। বর্তমানে আপনার পোস্ট যদি ভাল হয়, এবং আপনি যদি সপ্তাহের সাত দিন ভোট পাওয়ার যোগ্য হন তাহলে অবশ্যই আপনাকে টপ পোস্ট দেওয়া হবে। এখানে বন্ধু আত্মীয়-স্বজন কিংবা পরিচিত এটি দেখা হবে না।

একটি কমিউনিটি গঠন করা এবং সুষ্ঠভাবে পরিচালনা করা কঠিন একটি কাজ। আমরা যারা সাধারন মেম্বার রয়েছি, বর্তমান নিয়ম অনুযায়ী আমাদের একটি ভালো সময় আসবে। কোন কারণে যদি আমাদের কমিউনিটি নষ্ট হয়ে যায়, তার ফলে আমাদের সবারই ভোগান্তি হবে।

আপনার এই কমেন্টের জন্য যদি 01 আমাদের কে সাপোর্ট করা বন্ধ করে দেয় তাহলে কিন্তু ক্ষতিগ্রস্থ আমরা সাধারণ মানুষরাই হব। কারণ যদি আমাদের কমিউনিটি না থাকে, তাহলে 01 আমাদের ভোট দেওয়ার কোনো প্রয়োজন মনে করবে না।

তাই আমি মনে করি আপনার এই রকম একটি মন্তব্য করা একদম উচিত হয়নি। আপনার উচিত আরো কয়েকটা দিন বিবেচনা করা। আর একান্তই যদি আপনার পোস্ট গুলো সিলেক্ট না হয়। তাহলে আপনার উচিত আপনার পোস্ট করার মান গুলো আরো উন্নত করা।

আশা করি আপনার জন্য কমিউনিটির সাধারণ মেম্বারদের ক্ষতি হবে না। আপনার কারণে যদি আমাদের কমিউনিটি নষ্ট হয়, তার সম্পূর্ণ দায়ভার আপনার।

কমেন্টই ডিলিট করে দেওয়ার জন্য অনুরোধ রইল।



It is tree plantation.. your post tree plantation.. but no plantation here why you select this post..thousand of question to you.toufiq777 he is the admin but he also post and selected himself post. it is ridiculous.

Regards @steemcurator01 and @svm038 , I have been in this community since we were just 200 women and I can say that the support has been felt, I have been able to express my doubts and be read and supported, as well as I thank the curators for their support, but I think it is good to make the rules clear This way, inconveniences are avoided.

 last month 

Gracias amiga por traernos está linda partipacion. Te deseo mucha suerte.

Mil gracias saludos.

Buenos días, excelente concurso. Bueno a laborar, jajajaja

Interesante concurso

 last month 

Esperos que te animes a participar e invitar a un buen amigo o amiga a esta gran familia.

Listo amiga ya monte mi entrada

Esta es una de las comunidades mas fuertes, donde hay equidad en la seleccion de las publicaciones y donde siempre hay una orientacion y un apoyo mutuo entre todas las participantes. Gracias por el apoyo recibido @svm038 y @saracampero ya estoy preparando mi entrada al concurso.

 last month 

Gracias por el apoyo y por mantenerte activa amiga. Saludos y bendiciones.

Puedo realizar mi participacion con personas que invite hace un mes?

 last month 

Tratamos de sumar amiga. Intenta invitar a una persona nueva o que haya dejado de estar activa.

Trabajare en ello. Gracias por aclarar mi duda

Interesante concurso! Prepárare mi entrada. Juntas somos más fuerte.

Que bueno participare.
De hecho, que casualidad, ayer le hable a una amiga para que se animara y se inscribiera en steemit y la ayude hacerlo. Hablare sobre ella. Saludos

 last month 

Esto está súper genial amiga. Gracias por mantenerte activa.

 last month 

Excelente comunidad, con una gran líder @svm038, quien esta siempre al día trabajando por el crecimiento no solo de la comunidad y de sus miembros.

 last month 

Gracias por el apoyo preciosa.

wao this is amazing !! thus we encourage more people to get to know Steemit.

 last month 

Todos cometemos errores y tambien merecemos otra oportunidad, @svm38 ha trabajado muy duro por esta comunidad y nos ha brindado su apoyo, y nos ha guiado hacer las cosas bien. Espero que con todo respeto @steemcurator01 pueda apoyarla nuevamente. Bendiciones!

 last month 

Gracias por el apoyo preciosa y esperamos verte en el concurso.

Hola mujeres hermosas! extraordinario concurso que nos brinda la oportunidad de animar a otras mujeres a participar!
Pronto dejo mi entrada!

 last month 

Gracias por estar presente y activa en la comunidad amiga.

Mientras pueda así lo haré amiga! esta comunidad me encanta!

This is a nice contest and I hope to be participating in this since it has been a long while I haven't done any contest post on steemwomensclub for a while now but I have gotten my phone and will try as much as possible to participate in every thing that involves this community. I am so happy to be a part of this community and it turn out.

Thank you so much for this as together we grow.

 last month 

Thanks friend, we look forward to your participation.

Excelente concurso buena manera de ayudar a motivar a nuestros amigos

 last month 

Sin duda es la mejor manera de apoyar a nuestros hermanos venezolanos a generar algo de ingreso extra. Esperamos contar con tu participación.

Por aca dejo mi Entrada
Saludos y éxitos para todas.

 last month 

Genial amiga.. gracias

Saludos amiga!

 last month 

Muchas gracias amiga. Por participar y estar activa en la comunidad Saludos.

Gracias Gracias por el apoyo

Happy day everyone! Here I leave my entry. I hope you like my participation!
Always remember that WE ARE STRONG TOGETHER!💖 I sincerely hope that all the misunderstanding is cleared up quickly and satisfactorily. Success for all and God bless you!🙏


 last month 

Genial amiga. Gracias por participar te deseo mucha suerte.

Gracias!! 😊💖

 last month 

Gracias por mantenerte activa y participar en nuestro concursos. Te deseo mucha suerte..

Para mi es un placer participar, gracias por tu comentario.

 last month 

Mil gracias por participar amiga. Mis mejores deseos para ti.

Gracias a ti por la cortesía del comentario .Saludos desde Margarita.
#onepercent #venezuela

Saludos apreciadas amiga de la Comunidad @steemwomensclub con gusto presento mi entrada al concurso.

Además anexo captura de la publicación en Twitter

Esperando sea de su agrado.

Bendiciones para todas.

 last month 

Genial amiga' gracias por participar y ayudar a sumar más miembros a la plataforma. Te deseo la mejor de la suerte.

Gracias amiga @saracampero me alegra mucho tu comentario lo recibo con mucho cariño. Y seguiré mostrando a mas personas las maravillas de formar parte de steemit

I love steemwomen club and I enjoy participating in our contest. I have resteemed the contest and will be sending entry soon. Thank you so much @steemwomensclub for this opportunity and for your support

 last month 

Gracias a ti, esperamos ver tu participación pronto.

Hola muy buenas tardes, me encanta este concurso.. Me animare a compartir mi experiencia también!

 last month 

Perfecto amiga sería increíble.

 last month 

Genial amiga. Gracias por participar e invitar aún nuevo miembro a la familia.

 last month 

Perfecto amiga mil gracias por participar.

 last month 

Hola saludos por aquí dejo mi participación. Saludos.
CONTEST #14 Invite Your Friends to Steemit

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 last month 

Gracias por estar presente siempre siempre.

 last month 

Muchas gracias a ti, por todo el apoyo.

 last month 

Gracias por animarte a participar querida. Muchísima suerte.

Gracias amiga! y gracias a Steemit por el apoyo, Bendiciones.

 last month 

Hola preciosa está genial que te hayas animado hacerlo. Gracias por sumar a más personas a la comunidad.

Gracias ATI por el apoyo ...

Así es amigas, como siempre excelente concurso, saludos y bendiciones.

 last month 

Te esperamos en el concurso amiga.

 last month 

Gracias por estar presente en nuestra comunidad y participar siempre en los concursos. Mis mejores deseos para ti

Que bueno @SteemWomen Club esta iniciativa para crecer con más usuarios, y se beneficien, es una labor significativa para su desarrollo personal , creativo y económico. felicidades. Sean todos y todas [email protected]
#onepercent #venezuela #affable

 last month 

Gracias preciosa. Espero que puedas unirte al concurso e invitar a tus mejores amigos.

Buenas noches!! Por acá dejo el enlace de mi participación


Here's a screenshot of my Tweet and a proof of me following @steemwomenclub in Twitter. I also include screenshots in my post. Thank you!


Feliz inicio de semana. Buenos dias amigas
Les dejo mi participación

Entrada al concurso


Link Twitter


Que hermoso concurso @steemwomensclub espero poder contra con el tiempo para participar , o en otro que de seguro estarán promocionando para aportar mucho más a esta comunidad. Gracias.

#onepercent #venezuela #affable

Una gran oportunidad para dar a conocer la comunidad y poder crecer aun mas porque JUNTOS SOMOS MAS FUERTES

AQUI mi participacion!!!!

Y mi capture de haberlo compartido


Dejo aquí mi participación. Me agrada mucho la idea de esta iniciativa ya que pude convencer a mi mamá de que se uniera a la maravilla de Steemit y ahora compartiremos el viaje^~^

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-11 at 8.00.02 PM.jpeg

Holaaa, que maravilloso concurso, espero no haber llegado taan tarde, aquí mi Participación

Hola amigas, Aquí dejo mi participación

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Greetings @steemwomensclub (69)this contest is cool..... Thank you for bringing up such contest , is really a way to get more people to no about Steemit.

I just resteemed the post, so others can get to Know about it.
And and participating right away.
Thank for your good works.

Thank you @steemwomenclub for all you do to encourage the women here, am glad to be part of this great community. Am @ceendy20