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Hello beautiful women of Steem Women Club community;

Thank you very much for your intense interest in the community's competitions. Most of the contest posts have been voted by the curators. The support of the curators to society is enormous. It is an indication that we are working for you. Thanks especially to -steemcurator01 -joanna. Their support for you in this community is enormous. Thank you very much for your quality posts.

• If you follow the rules and prepare quality articles, of course your chances of getting votes will increase. With the #Steemexclusive hashg we make sure it's exclusive to Steemit.
I send 5 quality posts to curators every day that don't get votes. This is how we try to support unrated quality posts. I will continue to select quality contest posts that have not received votes.

Contest Result link;

Steem Women Club Contest #10 HAIR CARE Result 3 WINNERS ! | What is Next ? | Those Awarded the Delegation Award Today 16$+

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What is the subject of the contest?

This contest will be a topic that most women share in the community. We will save money and discover new products. The subject of the contest is 'RECYCLING'. This topic will please all of us.

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Competition Tips;


• Give a detailed explanation.

• Explain the stages in detail.

• Show the picture of the materials

• a single picture will not be enough.

• Talk about the benefits of recycling.

• Making toilet paper pen holders, products that are not used at home useful

• Sample ;

We can show you the transformation that @heedysguevara has made.


Transforma una caja de cartón en un lindo cajón. Transform a cardboard box into a cute drawer

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About the Competition

If we think economically, it may be impossible for everyone to fully meet their needs. Sometimes instead of taking what we want, we can transform products that we don't use at home. In this way, we both save money and contribute to nature and home by recycling. Come on, Women, IT'S TIME FOR RECYCLING!

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Contest Rules;

You must share your post in the SteemWomen Club community

Pictures must be your own

Resteem the contest post

your post must be your own

Invite your friends

Share each post in just one community!

You should use the #steemwomenclub and #womenclubrecycling tags.(Don't Forget)!!

  • The reason we make this tag is to keep the contest posts together and the selection is easy.

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Competition Awards;

You know, I explained before that the reward system has changed. I mentioned that we will be supported by @Booming accounts. From now on, our Contest winners will be supported by @booming01 and @booming04.

1st Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming01 (Approximately $25)

2nd Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming01 ($25)

3rd Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming04 ( $25)

I will send it to the community support program for the quality post I will choose on the 4th and 5th winner. I will get you votes. For this reason, there will be 3 winners. 4th and 5th the winner will receive a surprise vote.

•Curators have different votes for everyone. Votes outside the competition are not guaranteed.

•If your post past 7 days is selected, your active post will be voted on.

#contest You can also get support from different curators using the tag.

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My Awards Are Not Awarded. What Can I Do?


If you do not receive votes from the competition awards; Sometimes curators are too busy, or they can be overlooked. you can kindly forward this to me on discord. We will tell this to the necessary people. The result of the competition is definitely announced on the 8th and 9th days. Therefore, if you participate in the contest on the first day and win, the contest prize, which is 100%, is given to your active post. There may be a question in your mind for those who do not know this. Both the curators and I note that the votes are cast.

  • And I want to say that; @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 give high ratings to the posts I selected for the community support program. We work together to support you. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER ! Let's win together and achieve our goal.

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 2 months ago 

Here I will leave my participation, I hope you can enjoy it. Greetings: D Thank you for the effort.

Steem Women Club Contest #11 'RECYCLING' | Recycled gift box 🎁 Crafty Content (09, 03, 2021) 👩‍🎨

Me encanta esta temática, estaré encantada de participar!😊

 2 months ago 

Gracias preciosa contamos contigo "unidas somos más fuertes"

Me encantaria poder participar, el reciclar es la mejor opcion es estos tiempos... Excelente concurso..!

 2 months ago 

Anímate aún hay chance de hacerlo. Te esperamos.

This is a brilliant idea for contest @steemwomensclub. Recycling minimizes cost of production, reduces wastage and also enhances economic development.

Of course :)

 2 months ago 

Great I love the theme

Interesting and beautiful contest, I am going to prepare my participation.
Happy and blessed day to all of you !!! 💖

Que bueno me encanta el reciclaje he hecho varias cosita que no he mostrado desde ya preparando mi entrada.

 2 months ago 

I'm lovin 'it. sure many beautiful women will participate. Thank you very much for the effort dear.

 2 months ago 

Gracias por participar preciosa.

Me gusta esta parte del concurso, espero poder participar, amo el reciclaje y soy partidaria de hacer conciencia a otros para abordar este tema y aprender.


Hola, excelente tema.

Good approach and we all learn many new methods of recycling and InshaAllah will participate in this contest

Me gusta mucho este concurso, estoy lista para participar...
Mucha suerte para todas❤️🙌🏼

Excelente concurso ya me pondré a buscar algo en casa para participar jeje. Saludos ❤️

Está genial, gracias por la propuesta, participaré sin duda.¡ Un saludo !

 2 months ago 

Gracias preciosa. Saludos a ti también y mucha suerte en el concurso

Excelente concurso me encanta el reciclaje! pronto dejare mi entrada.
Éxitos a todas!

Recycling is the best, we can transform many things! I already have my participation in mind, I will do it as soon as possible!

 2 months ago 

Que buena idea de este nuevo concurso, me encanta reciclar!!
Pronto estare realizando mi entrada.

@steemwomensclub, this is a great contest, I will not miss it, thanks for this initiative.

Oh n.n que gran iniciativa para transformar tu hogar y al mismo tiempo ayudar al planeta!! Juntas somos más n.n

I'll start working on my participation now, I'm anxious to see the other works of my fellow creators.

 2 months ago

Hola chicas, con este concurso me sentí como pez en el agua, aunque me tardé dos días en hacerlo, por fin se los presento, dedicado a todas las mujeres de esta maravillosa comunidad.


 2 months ago 

This is a very important topic because reusing the things we have at home allows us to be more supportive of Mother Earth, which gives us so much.

I will participate!

Hola, el tema del reciclaje a mi parecer es fundamental y debe ser estimulado y promovido desde cualquier espacio, gracias por proponer este tema para un concurso en esta plataforma.

Hola me encanta el reciclaje, soy amante en guardar cosas.

Excelente idea, a volar nuestra imaginación.

Great contest! I will join. My account @diosarich was hacked and I have created a new one. The name of my new account is @joshuelmari.

Os dejo mi entrada para participar.
Suerte a todas y gracias por vuestra aportación

Saludos amigas por aquí mi entrada

encantada, excelente este concurso ya quiero participar

Por acá dejo mi Participación

Éxitos para todas!

Hello everyone! Good day. Sharing to all of you my entry. Hoping to hear your comments and suggestions. 👇

A nice concept .love it. Hope to join you❤️

hola hasta cuando es el concurso del reciclaje?? no vi fecha gracias

 2 months ago 

Amazing contest! Women are good at recycling. We will surely show case our hubby. Thanks @steemwomensclub for the wonderful contest idea. Let's see how it goes

An amazing approach. Normally we all are doing this at our homes. With this contest, many new ideas will come. Will surely participate.
#pakistan #affable

I will wait your post :)
Hola hermosa comunidad, esta es mi participación.

Hello beautiful community, this is my participation.

Que bueno que hayan actividades como esta en la plataforma. Estoy segura que pronto traeré algo para mostrar.

The contest seems amazing, so much to learn from others about recycling.
Here's my post on a recycle work I've done recently.

Hola mis amigas de #SteemWomenclub, saludos a todas..! reciban bendiciones de nuestro creador.. aqui les dejo mi participación. espero les guste.


 2 months ago 

Hello greetings, here is my participation.
Cute vase made with plastic bottle, newspaper and egg carton


Aquí dejo mi participación, espero sea del agrado de todos y sea de provecho.


Éxitos a todos y Bendiciones.

Mi entrada Y Muchas gracias por la oportunidad y en mi particular estimular un poco mi habilidad en las manualidades que gracias a esta comunidad es que la estoy poniendo en practica.


 2 months ago 

Mi participación espero les guste



 2 months ago 

Hello I am sorry I am late but here I am presently my entry for week 11 contest which is recycling

 2 months ago 

Saludos y bendiciones para todas, por qui dejo mi participación, espero les guste: