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Hello beautiful women of the community;


You have been selected for the quality post of the day from the Steem Women Club Community. congratulations. Keep sharing quality posts in the community.

The training for All women, which I had announced earlier, ended yesterday. We made the necessary effort to ensure that all women got better votes in the community. Need-to-know information was given. I could not attend due to the uneven time zone. Many thanks to my representatives @saracampero @ngoenyi. I give them 5 steem awards for their support. And thank you very much.


A few messages from education;




Also, many thanks to @saracampero who turned the logo of the community into a shirt. I would ask women who get t-shirts to prepare a post. I also recommend that you participate in the contest for printing the logo of the @stephenkendal community.


• I do my best to make quality posts with sincere intent so that you and the community can get their votes. While talking to you, I am conveying and warning the rules in a sincere language. I write all the information necessary for you to prepare a quality posts. Or I will convey whatever I need to help from Discord channel.

• And I see that everyone is doing their best for this community, not just me, because it's proof that I am striving for you. Having your votes makes you as happy as I have won. Of course, not all wishes are always present, but it is necessary to work hard to win and achieve victory. Unlike different communities, I aimed to help you win by helping you with my sincere words and contributing to creating quality content. The number of the community is of course important to me. But what matters to you is 'Winning'. That's why our slogan as always and at the beginning is 'WE ARE STRONG TOGETHER'.

Click for the Information guide in the community;

Steem Women Club Information Guide in the Community

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Vote Support

First of all, I should point out that we, as communities, are agents for curators. The main voters are the curators. What I do for my community; to select quality posts without discrimination and send Joannaya 5 quality posts of the day. The power of the votes is not in our hands. Or, the prizes you have won in competitions are certain because they are certain. I cannot read your articles carefully. I'm trying to get everyone votes.

I would like to mention that the Award Support has changed. Within the Community Support Program, we support more votes for quality posts.

Have the patience to vote on your curators. The curators carefully choose to make the posts specific to this platform.
You can specify #steemexclusive with this tag. Today I will be posting 5 quality posts per week in our community

• If you follow the rules and prepare quality articles, of course, your chances of getting votes will increase. With #steemexclusive hashg, we make sure it is exclusive to Steemit.
I send 5 quality posts to curators every day that don't get votes. In this way, we try to support quality posts that do not receive votes. I will continue to select quality contest posts that haven't received votes.

The curators @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 @booming1 and @booming04 also support the quality content. Thanks not only to myself but to all women for their support.

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My Awards Are Not Awarded. What Can I Do?


If you do not receive votes from the competition awards; Sometimes curators are too busy, or they can be overlooked. you can kindly forward this to me on discord. We will tell this to the necessary people. The result of the competition is definitely announced on the 8th and 9th days. Therefore, if you participate in the contest on the first day and win, the contest prize, which is 100%, is given to your active post. There may be a question in your mind for those who do not know this. Both the curators and I note that the votes are cast.

  • And I want to say that; @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 give high ratings to the posts I selected for the community support program. We work together to support you. We never think the community wins! Let's win together and achieve our goal.


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Earn STEEM with Delegation!


Many people did not understand what delegation meant. To put it briefly, it is to help strengthen the community and increase voting power by transferring some of your SP completely without giving it away. If you want, you can transfer for a certain period of time. We use your power to give you the opportunity to vote high. This authorization process will not do you any harm. On the contrary, you contribute to someone else's power with your delegations. You can stop this process at any time.

The number of delegations is rising. Many thanks to our members who have delegated by trusting us.

You can find detailed information here.

Steem Women Club Community 512 Member Delegation Time! | Steem Win with Delegation | We Are Strong Together !

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SteemWomen's Club Discord :

Twitter Account: Steemwomensclub

Support us by delegating STEEM POWER.

50SP 100SP 250SP 500 Sp1000SP2500SP

Hi, I delegated 100sp in the last few days, but I don't know if you received it, can you please check?

Felicidades por tan valioso trabajo! Somos fuertes juntos💖

Gracias por todo el apoyo que nos están brindando, estamos haciendo ruido y ruido muy fuerte. Cada vez somos mas. Y seguiremos luchando por la igualdad y por el respeto

As a women, I really admired this kind of community. Thank you for giving us a chance to participate and making ourselves more empowered.

!Arriba las mujeres! Excelente trabajo el que se está realizando dentro de esta hermosa comunidad.

No tienen idea de la felicidad que tengo! Gracias por la oportunidad , 💜💞

Hey team, great job :)
I wanted to run a make-up contest and I believe that this is the best community to do it! Is there any chance I can do it?
Thank you!!

Dios mio la franela 😍

buenísimo, vamos creciendo juntas, así somos más fuertes. Gracias por todo el apoyo que nos han brindado a través de esta comunidad

fruitful discussion indeed

Felicidades, excelente trabajo.

Excelente labor que siempre realizan. Dios les bendiga, ¡Somos fuertes juntos!

 2 months ago 

Excelente trabajo para brindarnos las herramientas necesarias para continuar creciendo juntas. Estoy feliz de pertenecer a esta grandiosa Comunidad. Saludos y que sigan los éxitos.

Gracias por la información
. ❤️❤️❤️

Hi there! I have just returned in this platform since the hardfork so I still need to accumulate my earnings so I can also delegate some for steemwomen. I need your support too. Rest assured that I will writing quality contents. Have a good day ahead.


 2 months ago 

Un gran trabajo, muchas gracias.


Thank you so much to this community #steemwomenclub because of this community I feel like Im not alone.😚😗😗Love you all girls❤❤❤

Me gusta mucho la manera en que trabaja esta comunidad y la forma sencilla y clara en que explica los lineamientos de la misma.
¡Muchas gracias por sus esfuerzos!
¡Somos fuertes juntos!
¡Besos y abrazos cibernéticos!