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  • Hello beautiful women of the community:
  • We have seen how women contribute to household livelihoods. We saw how they invested and become entrepreneurs at Steemit.Thanks to the contest, we once again saw the power of women. Thanks again to those who participated in the contest.

I announced the winners of the competition. We congratulate the winners, We continue to offer you and win contests, we read beautiful and quality content. Mostly everyone got good awards.
I will continue to bring you back and encourage you to be active. We are not one in this community, we will all win!

Many thanks to @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 @booming accounts for their support for the contest.

Quality posts was given extra votes.

Results of the Contest;

Steem Women's Club Contest #5 ENDED || Do women help the family earn a living? || How do you invest in Steemit || CONTEST RESULT


What is the Subject of the Contest?

"Promote Your Favorite City" This week, I want you to introduce your dream city.
Or I want to learn everything about the city, culture, food and festivals you love.

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Contest Tips;

It would be better if it was not the city where you live.
Features of your favorite city,
In which country you are
Their cults, clothes and festivals,
Your favorite food
And tell why you are your favorite.
Show off your most beautiful pictures.
Tell everything we need to know.

Take care to have detailed, quality and original content
For emphasis in your post, please see the Markdown Styling Guide Use Preview . Writing styles written in different programs are not translated into different languages.
There is no limit to language options, but it will be easier for me to understand if you write in English
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Contest Rules;

You must share your post in the Steemwomen's Club community
Resteem the contest post
your post must be your own
Invite your friends
More than 300 words
You should use the #steemwomensclub and #womensclubfavoritecity tags.(Don't Forget)

  • The reason we make this tag is to keep the contest posts together and the selection is easy.

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About the Competition:

Of course, we all dreamed of a journey during this pandemic period. Some of us traveled and some of us could not leave the house.I want you to introduce a city you dream of or want to go to.
This may be the city you love very much. For example, 'Paris' may be your favorite city. The city of lovers, where every woman falls in love as she admires :)
The reason I chose a city is that a lot of women in the community are in the same city so I chose 'Promote your favorite city' so that the posts are not the same

Imagine Yourself in the City You Love!

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Competition Awards;

  • You know, I explained before that the reward system has changed. I mentioned that we will be supported by @Booming accounts. From now on, our Contest winners will be supported by @booming01 and @booming04.
  • 1st Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming01 (Approximately $20)

  • 2nd Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming01 ($20)

  • 3rd Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming04 ( $20)

  • 4th Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming04 ( $20)

  • 5th Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming04 ( $20)

They are approximate numbers and may be more.
If you win a reward for your posts over a week, your active post will be rewarded.
#contest You can also get support from different curators using the tag.

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Supported Quality Posts of the Day



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Steem Women's Club Contest #5 Do women help the family earn a living? || How do you invest in Steemit, why

Also, endless thanks to @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemit who supported us and the women of the community.

  • I am working hard to be useful in Steemit. Everything is for the mighty Steemit!


SteemWomen's Club Discord :
Twitter Account:Steemwomensclub


Stay with love ❣
 3 months ago 

Hola @cachetes-27 Gracias por participar en el concurso, sin dida San Fernando es una bonita ciudad.

Ahh, how the hell did I only just hear about this Club?!?!?

Welcome :) I am waiting your post for contest

Gracias por el apoyo amiga... Este reto se ve divertido... preparando mi entrada.


Hello, I love the contest, there are cities that I would like to visit, but I would have to download photos from the internet to illustrate. Here in the island where I live there is a city that I love, it is the capital, I live in another community, it would be acceptable if I work with this city?

You should use the pictures that are not copyrighted and it would be better for us to be a different city. :)

ok,thanks for responding, greetings from Margarita.

Hola soy nuevo y quiero seguir a muchas personas por favor ayuda

Hola amiga cuando dices, en que pais te encuentras, es en que pais esta la ciudad, o en que pais vivo? y sobre a mi comida favorita sería la de esta ciudad o no¿?

It doesn't matter. I just mean, most women in the community live in the same city. I wanted you to introduce the city because you were dreaming to avoid the same post. You can write the food you love.

Felicitaciones a todas las ganadoras

I am waiting for your participation in the new contest :)

this is an interesting contest .. I will definitely enter this contest.😁

Waiting for your participation :)

but I am sad, I can't post about my dream city or my favorite city. because my favorite city is overseas and I might not go there due to limitations. Can I post about the city where I live?

Mi sobrino ha visitado ese espacio, en verdad las fotos que traía son hermosas. Déjame comentarte que lo que señalas como Salto Ángel en la foto no corresponde con la caída de agua más alta del mundo, esa es chiquita. Lo único que se quejaba mi sobrino era por los mosquitos siempre tenía que llevar repelente, todo lo demás era hermoso. @sharifanamin bendiciones un hermoso lugar. Bendiciones.

Diooos imagínate si esa es la más chiquita como sera la más alta. como quisiera ir allá.
#twopercent #venezuela #affable

El Salto Ángel (Kerepakupai Merú en pemón, que significa «salto del lugar más profundo»)​ es la cascada de agua más alta del mundo, con una altura de 979 m.

Hermosa en verdad.


que belleza.... @sacra97(69) que dicha el que puede llegar allá. Y no importa lo de los mosquitos tendré presente si se presenta la oportunidad llevar mi repelente. Dios le hizo a Venezuela un oasis natural

 3 months ago 

Gran eleccion querida, mis mejores deseos para ti!

Hello, this is my entry for the contest, I hope you like it and you like it as much as I do. Enjoy it.!!

Saludos y bendiciones mi entrada

I love it!! This is my entry

New York City.png

 3 months ago 

Encantada de poder participar.

Encantada de participar en esta oportunidad. Muchas gracias pro la invitación.


 3 months ago 

Interesting in this without a doubt I will participate!

 3 months ago 

can i take photos of that city from the internet as i have never been to my dream city?

De verdad que nos llevaste a un lugar muy lejano, me encantó este paseo virtual con detalles de una cultura muy especial. @nathyortiz

 3 months ago 

Saludos amiguitas!! muchas gracias por la mensión la verdad que me enorgullece mucho ser parte de esta gran comunidad.
Felicitaciones a club de mujeres steem por su gran labor!!

 3 months ago 

Excellent initiative a greeting to all women who make life in steemit, my participation:

Hola, por favor, hasta cuando cierra el concurso Steem Women's Club Community Contest #6 Promite Your Favorite City || Grand Awards ! || Quality Content of the Day

¡Buenas noches! Muy lindo el concurso, es genial conocer varios lugares del mundo :D. Aquí traigo mi participación :D

Invito a @marcybetancourt y @sammy1109 :D

Me agrada la idea, estare preparandola.

 3 months ago 

Hello @steemwomensclub, I am grateful for this contest and for the opportunity granted me to make my entry.
here is my entry link

#twopercent #nigeria #affable

 3 months ago 

Feliz día amigas. Por acá dejo mi entrada al concurso. Saludos

Mi Participación

Felicitaciones a todas las ganadoras en este concurso de esta semana # 5, excelente elección. Mis saludos.

Waiting for your participation :)

Que hermoso estado para vivir y visitar, yo he ido y me encantó mi querida @zhanavic69 me falto visitar la iglesia. Bendiciones unas hermosas fotografías de este estado.

Felicitaciones a todas las ganadoras de la semana # 5, es un excelente concurso. Una nueva semana @steemwomensclub

Mi post:

El Codillo o rodilla de cerdo lo recuerdo una exquisitez, el lugar es hermoso, tengo algunas fotos de allí, siempre me preguntaba cómo fueron a parar los alemanes en estas tierras tan adentro, una verdadera selva en la zona, ellos lo volvieron un paraíso hermoso. @mariela53 bendiciones.

Quiero invitar a participar en el concurso a @kimbi09 @daytona475 y @kiwiscanfly

 3 months ago 

Un hermoso espacio Caracas es hermosa en muchos aspectos, estudie allí la carrera universitaria, me encanta esa calle llena de paraguas, se ve lindísima. Que lindos mensajes y muy linda la niña Dios la bendiga. @saracampero

Visite la cueva del Guacharo, el lugar Caripe era muy fresco y fue muy divertido ese paseo. @eugelys bendiciones.

 3 months ago 

Encantada de poder participar.

 3 months ago (edited)

Hi @steemwomensclub, here's my entry for Steem Women's Club Community Contest #6 Promote Your Favorite City and thank you for organizing this awesome contest. Good Luck to all participants and wishing you all a pleasant day, cheers, ainie.


I have just submitted my entry. I hope it is not late. I also invite my friends @chinella and @beckie96830 to join the contest if it is still open. Below is my link

 3 months ago (edited)

Hola @steemwomensclub, aquí dejo mi participación, saludos y bendiciones.

Es un hermoso lugar para vivir y me quedaria nada más por el chocolate, ja, ja, me encanta @giocondina son hermosas las fotos que compartiste, el lugar es lindísimo. Bendiciones. Una linda visita.