Spinach Banana Cake Recipe

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Hello. Today, I will give you a cake recipe that I love to make and the guests eat slice by piece.


It looks like we can call it a pistachio cake. But the cake with spinach in it.


• 4 eggs
• 1 glass of granulated sugar
•1 teacup of oil
•1 glass of water Milk
• 1 glass of spinach puree
•1 packet of vanilla
•1 packet of baking powder
As much flour as you get

For the above ;

• 2 packs of whipped cream

• 2 tea glasses of milk

• 2 bananas

Spinach Cake Preparation

• First, we whisk the whipped cream with milk until it thickens.

• When it gets dark, keep it in a cold place.


• For the cake; Let's wash the spinach thoroughly and boil it until it becomes soft.


• Let's pass it mashed through the robot.

• Then put the eggs and sugar in a separate bowl and whisk for 3-4 minutes.


• Add sugar and mix until it foams.

• Add milk and oil. Then add the spinach puree.


• Then add the remaining ingredients and mix.

• Let's pour it into a 26 cm rectangular loan.

• Let's bake in 180 degree oven.

• When our cake is baked, let's set it aside and let it warm. Pour 1 cup of milk over it. To be soft.


• Let's spread the whipped cream on the cake.

• Let's line the bananas on it. It will add flavor.


• Bring the remaining cake pieces into small pieces and sprinkle them on top.


Here is the bon appetit :)

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Ademas de verse muy delioso es muy nutritivo, creo que lo hare para mi nieto de dos años, es una forma muy buena para integrar una buena alimentacion. Gracias, bendiciones!

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Wow this looks really beautiful! I like the color combination. I've never tried a spinach pie, it's something new for me.

Thanks for sharing this eye catching recipe!

Genial tu receta, amiga! Nutritiva y se ve muy rica! Tiempo sin comer espinacas, creo que de esta manera es una buena oportunidad! Gracias por compartir tu receta!

Looks delicious

Se ve super espectacular esta receta @svmo38 me animare a realizarla