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Hello today was very enjoyable for me. We celebrated Valentine's Day for the first time. This is because my husband's birthday was tomorrow.



We woke up early, we got up at 8. We did our routine work. I prepared breakfast for the kids. I also ate a plate of cashew. But I could not finish. I think my stomach got smaller. I lost weight, I'm happy for this. After breakfast I cleaned the kitchen.


And I entered Steemit to announce the results of the competition. I spoke with Joanna to get a vote. I am trying to get the women in the community to get votes.. We definitely consider quality posts.

Steem Women Club Community 'Handicrafts Contest # 8 Ended | CONTEST RESULTS | BIG AWARDS

After a few hours I cleaned the house. Since I did not predict what time my husband would come, I wanted to prepare early.


We got ready and went to the market. Since it would be difficult for me to make a cake with the kids, I bought a ready-made cake this time. Normally, we do not consume a lot of instant cake. There were various cakes in the restaurants. Because he loves chocolate, I bought a chocolate cake.


There was a discount in the chicken section. I looked at the prices. It was very crowded so I acted quickly and left.


I came home and prepared the table. I changed the tablecloth. I put candles. I put some flowers. I put my American serving. I put the handkerchiefs and forks. I inflated balloons.


I attached the balloons to the wall with a piece of tape and made it to look good while taking the picture. I also glued the poster we had made before to see it when entering the room. He first saw this when he got home. and he was very surprised. He never expected that I would celebrate.


Then I bought a discounted T-shirt online. He needed clothes. I bought your summer cottage need. I put it in different boxes so that it doesn't matter. I wrote notes and different rooms for each. Actually, my friends always asked me ideas for a surprise, I can say that I am good at this :)
I placed the boxes.



Then I brought the cake and lit the candle. My husband said he would come, we changed our clothes with my daughter. My son was sleeping. Then I boiled dried eggplant. I mixed bulgur, onion and spices. I poured olive oil.


I put the bulgur in the boiled eggplant. I lined it in the pot. I did the same on the leaf. Normally, rice is used, but since I am on a diet, I put bulgur.

The bell rang, my husband came. he got suprised. It was emotional. I also opened birthday music. He looked at the gifts one by one. He was very happy. We took pictures with balloons. Sometimes unexpected surprises can make you very happy. Whoever throws stones at you, throw roses.


They ate the cake. I cleaned the house. Of course, I continue where I stay. I entered Steemit. Here is my beautiful diary.

Thank you very much for your support. @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02

 2 months ago 

Hermosa decoración para sorprender a tu esposo, sin duda debió quedar muy feliz. Tienes una familia muy hermosa. Saludos

That's a warming family celebration 🎉
The food looks awesome. Hope you enjoyed everything a lot.
Have a wonderful day ahead 😊😊

 2 months ago 

thank you so much. yes it was a very enjoyable day. Thank you very much for writing a comment :)

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