The diary game 5 February - Better life || Fresh air day outside || Second Level of My Diet

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Hello beautiful women of the community;

introduction ;

I haven't written a diary for how many days I have been at home. it was a monotonous few days. I took care of Steemit all day. My day was enjoyable today. We went out with the kids.


We woke up at 9 in the morning. I had tired days due to being sick for a few days. I feel better today. I felt a little better in the morning. I did my routine work. I changed the kids' pajamas. The weather was good. I opened the windows to let air into the rooms. Then I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the kids. I cooked eggs for the kids. Since I didn't have breakfast time, I fed the children. Then I swept the house. I cleaned the kitchen. I deleted the cabinets. And in the morning I entered Steemit. I explained the topic of the new contest. I chose quality publications in the community. You can participate in the competition;
Steem Women Club Community Contest #8 ' Handicrafts ' Time to Show Ingenuity || DIY

It's 12 o'clock; It was 30 and I was very hungry. I moved to the 2nd level of my diet. I have said before that the diet I do is 8 levels. I do this diet to lose weight but to be healthy. I do not have an excessive weight. But I want to be healthy. Nothing harmful enters my body.
With this level; Nuts unroasted at noon
Evening ; I will eat bulgur pilaf + main course + yoghurt. Or just one.

I prepared this mixture with dried nuts at noon. To prevent sweet cravings.

I crushed the nuts. I added tahini in it.


Then I added cinnamon and coco. I cannot eat like this every day, but I think of eating it every other day. The desire to eat dessert is constantly triggering. I have to maintain this diet. Everyone admires my willpower. I haven't eaten flour, sugar and fruit for about a month. Anyway, if I think about it, I can get up and eat anytime :)


Then we realized that the weather was very nice. the children wanted to go out. We got ready and left the building. The weather was pretty sunny. Actually, this is not normal weather. It should have snowed now. climate change is very noticeable. I think this has to do with changing the magnetic pole of the earth.


I made black tea. And I bought a glass. I enjoyed it outside. The weather was neither cold nor hot. We didn't wear a coat. We could sit outside all day. The children ran with happiness.

145963015_877766639715652_2641080085845167420_n (1).jpg

Then we came home. We changed our superiors because we were afraid of the virus. We washed our hands. I entered Steemit. I have upvote quality posts. I looked at posts from other communities. I thought of other topics for the competition. I thought of some ideas for the community. After spending some more computer time, the bell rang. The cargo had arrived. I didn't have sneakers. I bought sneakers. But his body did not happen. The price is $ 20. I will return. . I bought it while it was on sale, normally the price was expensive and I bought it while it was on sale. I will sell it on the second hand program now.


Then my daughter called me. We saw the plug come out. I worried very much. My son was sticking his finger. We were afraid of electric shock. My husband immediately went to buy a socket. We waited to install a new one. Meanwhile, I was very worried. They were constantly playing with the socket. Electric shock could result in death. That's why I turned off the electricity. My husband came and plugged in. We took a sigh of relief.


It was time for dinner. There was roasted Eggplant in the refrigerator. I grated celery in it. I added parsley. I added black pepper. I added salt. I mixed it up. I prepared garlic yogurt. I just ate this. The meal kept quite full. I also made soup for the kids.


I washed the dishes. An hour later I entered Steemit again. I read a good quality post by drinking water, that's it for my diary.


Thank you very much for supporting and reading. @steemcurator02 @steemcurator01

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Your food looking too yummy . Seems you had an amazing day.
Happy Steeming dear!

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