The Diary Game 6 February | garbage collector aunt || Market Walk

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Hello beautiful women of the community;

We went out today due to the good weather. We had a nice day. I'm very happy now that the weather is getting warmer.


We got up at 9 in the morning. we woke up at the same time as the children. I changed the kids' pajamas. We washed our faces. I rolled up the beds. I watched out the window. The weather was so beautiful that I love the spring weather. I went to the kitchen for breakfast. I prepared breakfast for the kids. I cooked eggs.


There were more hours before I had breakfast. I cleaned the kitchen. I washed the dishes. I entered Steemit. I wrote in the community. I'm dealing with steemit most of my day now. The children cried and wanted to go outside. We hadn't been to the store for a long time. It was my breakfast time. I ate a plate of unroasted nuts. it was just my breakfast. The kids told me to hurry.


They wanted a snack. We got ready and went out. Normal life continues even though I am very afraid of the virus. So I went down and took a picture. The cleanness of the air must have made me happy, my eyes seem to laugh :)


We entered the market. We went to the market near our house. The children got what they wanted. Of course, I warned him not to buy expensive products. It was quite crowded, we shopped quickly. We left the market. My son cried and came to the market for the first time by walking. I normally put it in the stroller because it will touch everything. this was a first. and touched everything. He wanted to take everything. That's why he cried a lot. We walked from the parking lot in one line.


we came home We bought jelly beans, yogurt and chocolate. Everything was so expensive that I paid $ 5. raise for everything. Dairy products are very expensive. Oil has become very expensive. The pandemic has made every country very bad.
I washed the children's hands. I gave the children fruit juice, waffles and chocolate.



I entered steemit again. I've upvote posts in the community. I read the contest posts. Managing the community and competing gives people pleasure. because through me they get awards from curators, it makes me feel good. I hope we will come to higher places.

I saw an aunt while doing business on the balcony towards the evening. I actually saw this aunt several times. But I didn't understand what he was doing. Aunt is going through the garbage containers near their house every night He's collecting food that works for him. He puts it in the bag in his hand. Even though the pictures are not exactly clear, I took some.


I saw this aunt a year ago, but on another street. I said to the aunt why are you mixing the garbage. I'm collecting food, my daughter said to me. I said why do you collect it for animals? He said no for my own needs. I was very upset . then he started walking. I entered the market next to me. I bought two pieces of bread and ran to aunt and gave it. I was so happy. It was that aunt again, I haven't seen it for a long time.



I took the phone with 25x zoom. I'll wait for the aunt again at this hour tomorrow. I'll help. I hope it comes tomorrow. I'll ask what do you need. I am very upset when I see homeless people and people gathering food in the garbage, I always think if I could help everyone.

I had to have dinner anyway. I cooked baked beans. I know that the liaison does not gain weight.


I cut the onion. I got away.
I added tomato paste. I added the spices.
I had kept dry beans in water the day before. I roasted it and added water. I cooked. It was soft.


We ate dinner. I washed the dishes. I boiled mint lemon. I am writing my diary while drinking. Hope you like it. Thank you very much for reading and supporting. @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02

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Hey pretty lady i just love to going through your diary entries . But from few days my diaries are not getting checked which is sometimes disappointing but never mind hardwork pays off.
Thankyou have a great day

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