The diary game 8 February | Surprise Gift for My Diligence at Steemit || Picnic in the Fresh Air| my son's female wing while writing my diary !!

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Hello beautiful women of the community;

Today was very good for me. Getting fresh air gives you peace of mind. Of course, surprise gifts :)


We woke up at 9 in the morning. I was very sleepless. My son never slept at night. He was afraid and did not want to sleep. That's why I'm still very sleepy. I changed your pajamas. We washed our faces. I fixed the beds. I opened the windows. The weather was very nice. I went to the kitchen for breakfast. The children wanted a fry.

I added yeast, sugar, salt and milk to a bowl. I have a soft dough. I waited 30 minutes for it to ferment.
I opened it round like this.


I cut it square by frame and fry it in oil. They put cheddar or cheese in it and ate it. I did not eat it because I was on a diet. If you make the dough soft, it won't be hard at all when you fry it. This is the only trick.


They had breakfast. I washed the dishes. I cleaned the kitchen. I entered Steemit. I wrote important information about the community. I had a few chats on Discord. Then it was noon and I ate my dried nuts for breakfast. My neighbor called. He said the weather was very nice and he wanted to go out. I said okay too. We got ready. I brewed tea. I prepared the glasses and we went out in front of our house.


The neighbors came. While drinking tea, meat was cooking in the pot. My neighbor did it because they thought they could be eaten outdoors. We enjoyed drinking tea. I did not want to drink a lot of tea because I was on a diet. I put the kettle like this on the wall side. I made it warm with a small tube.


Children played ball. They drove scooters. I put my son in the stroller. He slept a little. Towards the evening, my mind was on the competition so I came home early. I entered the steemit again. I read the contest posts. And I am thankful for what I had. My husband came home from outside.

Gift from my husband

He handed me the cardboard in his hand. i was surprised He said that he was very happy to have worked hard at Steemit and supported me and that he received something as a gift. My face was sluggish due to insomnia. That's why he got a vitamin c serum.


Normally I wanted it very much, but I could not get it because the price was expensive. my husband bought it on sale. He bought it for around $ 5. I am very happy.

C serum benefits;

It purifies the skin from dead cells and can make it look shiny and smooth.
When applied to the skin, it can trigger the skin to heal skin problems by accelerating the production of collagen and elastin. "Collagen" is the protene fibers that plump the skin and prevent it from sagging.

Then I made pudding for Kids. I poured powdered pudding on 4 glasses of milk. I mixed it and cooked it. Actually, I did this to make packaged food very harmful but fast. The children ate fondly.



After sitting for a while, I was very hungry. I thought about what to do for dinner. I boiled meat for the evening. We seasoned and ate. I washed the dishes.


Now I went back to Steemit. Right now while I was writing this sentence, my son fell female :( cried a lot by


This is my diary. Thank you very much for reading and supporting :) @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02