The Diary Game - Better Life 07 April | Celebrating My Son's Birthday

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We celebrated my son's birthday today. That's why I had a very emotional day.



I woke up a little early in the morning. I woke up early to post in the Steem women's club community. The children were sleeping. I got the idea of ​​a contest to benefit Steemit and to announce it to more people. I started a contest. I chose the quality post. To participate in the competition;

Steem Women Club Community CONTEST #14 Invite Your Friends to Steemit - and Win | Advertise on Steemit to the World!

Then we had breakfast. I cleaned the house a little bit. Then I read posts in the community to vote. It's not easy to read posts in the community. It is imperative to read and choose to make a fair choice. You have to devote a lot of time of the day. Some people's jealousy can be misunderstood. Buddha can be upset sometimes. I am careful not to cut anyone's right. While in this state, some reasons upset. Anyway, I suddenly thought of stuffing pasta. I bought the pasta sold in the market. I prepared the inside.


Ground chicken + spices + onion

I put minced chicken in the bag. And that way I filled it easy. We filled 6 packs. In this way, we can cook easily.


then I washed the dishes. I bought a cake for my son's 2nd birthday. I inflated balloons. And we celebrated all together.


Your support is very important to us. Thank you so much. @stemcurator01 @steemcurator02


So nice, HBD🎂💞🙏

Happy birthday to your son @svm038. I wish him good health and safety all the time.❤️

Happy birthday to your pretty son 🎉 God blees him 🙏❤️

Ufaklığın doğum günü kutlu olsun @svm038 . Kendisine ve sizlere güzel bir yaşam diliyorum.
Topluluğunuza çalışkan bir arkadaşımı yönlendirdim. Bugünden itibaren topluluğunuzda #thediarygame ve #mytown10pics etiketlerinde içerik üretecek.

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Merhaba çok teşekkürler. İnşallah bekliyorum paylaşımlaarını

Huzurlu,keyifli ve sağlıklı yıllar diliyorum.

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May your son boast of you and your religion. I pray for him to be the future successor of Badiuzzaman Said Nursi