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Hello friends,

Today I will share with you the special Rasmalai recipe. Everyone likes to eat rasmalai. I like it a lot. And everyone in our house loves to eat rasmalai. I occasionally make it at home. So today I am sharing my Rasmalai recipe community with you. I hope you like it.



• Liquid milk - 1.5 Litter
• sugar - half cup
• milk powder - half cup
• lemon juice - 4 tablespoon




Rules for making puppies:

First I took a liter of cow's milk. Then I took milk in a container. Then I put the pot in the oven.


Then shake it for a while so that it does not stick to the floor. Then I will wait until I say well. Then you have to move for a while.





I will say well, in fact, I will pour lemon juice in it. As soon as the lemon juice is given, you have to shake it gently and you will see that the puppies are slowly cutting. After shaking it lightly for a while, the chicks will be separated and the water will be separated. The color of the water will change. Then I will take it down from the stove.




‌ Then put a thin cloth in a sieve. Then I will pour the baby on the cloth and sift it.




Then I will wash it with cold water. Rinse well with cold water and then remove the extra water by pressing the cloth well. You have to leave it like this for a while.

1620443128389 (1).jpg

Then the perfect puppy will be made.

How to make Rasmalai:

I will pour the first made lamb on a plate. Then you have to take the moth by hand for a while. Take in until well softened. Moths need to make a perfect dough well.


1620443162604 (1).jpg


1620443237964 (1).jpg

From then on, you have to take a small amount and turn it around with your hands. In this way you have to make all the spices by making a round with a little bit.




Then I will put half a liter of milk in a pan in the oven. In between I will give half a cup of sugar and light milk powder. I will mix these ingredients well. Then wait until it thickens.


When it becomes thick, I will leave the gollas of rasmalai made in it. Then I will shake it lightly for a while. When it becomes a little thick, I will take it off the stove.


1620443342321 (1).jpg


After it gets a little cold, I will put it in the fridge. Leave it in the fridge for a while and then take it out and serve. Because Rasmalai likes to eat cold.




Thanks everyone who supported me

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 2 months ago 

How about the taste? Is it like menthol?

 2 months ago 

Yes it is very tasty.

I will try to do Rasmalai. It looks very delicious and different. I took notes on its recipe. Thank you, dear @tasonya

 last month 

Welcome dear

Que increíble idea

 last month 

Very good recipe and I will try this at my home, You explained well great post

 last month 

Thank you

Muy sabroso felicitaciones.

 last month 

Thank you

Can't wait to try this recipe myself. even though I doubt its going to look as good as yours, I hope it isnt a total faliure 😂

 last month 

Thankyou for sharing this delicious recipe. Rasmalai is loved in almost every household of Pakistan too.

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