Women Club Charity 'One Child Thousand Happiness Project' 1! | Here Is The First Child Who Got His Dream | Dreams Come True

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Hello beautiful women of Steem Women Club community;

Today I will tell you about the first child of our Project. We will show the process and how the children are happy. this will be proof of the scale of the project and the need for support.
First of all, you need to know;

This project belongs to the Steem women's club community and I do not allow anyone to do the same project or similar. This project belongs to us.
1 of the prizes accumulated in the fund account will not be used for personal needs. It will be used entirely for this project and expenses. Since there is no steem in the fund account for now, it was covered from the women's club account.

One Child Thousand Happiness Project

Every child has different dreams. Some may achieve their dreams, while others wait for a miracle to make their dreams come true. Maybe we can be that miracle.
We started for a child as we don't know how to move forward for now.
Currently, we have two teachers from Turkey;


@Ngoenyi from Africa reached out to teachers;

•Venezuela @saracampero will reach teachers.

We were able to fulfill a child's dream, as we currently do not have any savings in our fund account. Here is the system;

One Child Thousand Happiness Project (1).png

•First, a form with the steem women club logo was prepared.

•Teachers filled out forms for children whose families had a bad economic situation. Children wrote this form.


•We asked the children's dreams.

• Then we made an evaluation.

The Story of Victory ;

He lost his mother and father on the same day. An orphan child. And his dream was the shoes and school uniform he needed. His shoes were torn and unusable. Of course, this dream was his basic need. It is a dream for us to look at these pictures with hope.


•ngoenyi went to a shoe market and found shoes suitable for the child.Of course, this process is difficult for us. Because being in different languages ​​and countries may seem difficult. But a common goal and kindness brings people together.


• Finding a tailor and sewing a form suitable for the size of his body was carried out. And two days later it was delivered.



And on Monday he got a gift bag. Steem women club stuck the logo of the charity account on the bag. That was the best part of introducing steemit. Thanks to this, a child's dream came true.


You can rejoice with the happiness of the child. Every child's dream is different. We will make dreams come true in turn. You can support us. @ngoenyi completed this process as a patient. And it helped us. Endless thanks.


Prices list;

School Uniform and Shoes47 steem
Tailor fee3 steem
Bag and logo cost5 steem
Total55 steem

For now, it was met from the women's club account.



It was written by hand, as some stores do not write it with an invoice.

Here is a proof of the project for you. And this will continue with children from every country. Don't you think this is Steemit's best project? Maybe thanks to kindness, we will be able to easily announce Steemit to the world. The support of both Turks and everyone who knows us is endless for this project. If you like this project, we will decide to launch it in our Country community as well. Thanks to you and with our help, we will help children in poor economic conditions. Currently, 5 more children fill out the form and are waiting for the fund account to accumulate. We will make the women club account the curator of women, and we will make this account the biggest charity account of steemit. Many thanks for your support and understanding. @steemcurator01

Waiting Children and Their Dreams;


•His family Lives Away and misses to go to his mother by plane. A child needs a mother the most. her dream is not a shoe, longing for a mother.....


•Due to the pandemic, distance learning is being done. But since he does not have a computer, he cannot receive education. He wants to have a tablet to complete his imaginary education.


• Dreams are not expensive. What she needs is a shoe and a school bag.


• He has never had a toy and has never been to a toy store. A child most wants to play with toys. But he never had. His dream is to own a bicycle. :(


•Not a toy or an outfit.. He doesn't know the taste of hamburger. His only dream is to have a meal with his family.

I invite all good-hearted people to support this project. ! Please sincerely read this post. Don't you want to make your dreams come true?



SteemWomen Club Discord :https://discord.gg/rkwRWR7G

İnstagram Account: Steem WOmen Club

Twitter Account:Steemwomenclub

Blog Site : Site

Charity donation account:@womenclubcharity/p>

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Support us by delegating STEEM POWER.

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No hay mejor satisfaccion que ayudar a los niños en su bienestar. En nuestro pais es bastante compleja la situacion, y nuestros niños estan careciendo de todo, principalmente educación. Hoy dia vemos niños en las calles pidiendo comida, y eso particularmente mortifica el alma, porque un niño nunca deberia estar en esas condiciones. Cualquier proyecto que permita ayudar a un ser indefenso y necesitado es excelente.

Thank you

 3 months ago 

Ne güzel bir proje. Elimden geldiğince destek olmaya niyet ediyorum. Rabbim tüm ihtiyaç sahiplerinin ihtiyacını kolaylıkla gidersin 🙏🏻

İnşallah hepsi halledilecek

 3 months ago (edited)

This is a great project. Keep it up. The children will never forget that act of goodness.

I agree . Thank you

 3 months ago 

This is the best project ever. There's nothing more satisfying than fulfilling a child's innocent dreams.

Thank you dear

Keep up the good work and thanks for doing thus to help these kids

Thank you

 3 months ago 

Bu güzel projede tüm emeği geçenlerin yüreğine sağlık 🤗😍


Emeginize saglik.


Excelente proyecto!, me encanta la idea❤, hay muchos niños en situaciones precarias y con este tipo de proyectos se puede mejorar su día


Thank you 🤗

 3 months ago 

Saludos y bendiciones, tantos niños, tantos sueños, esperando puedan recaudar los fondos para seguir con esta labor, seguro estoy de que la beneficiada del uniforme y calzado tenia una sonrisa en su rostro.

#onepercent #affable #venezuela

I agree . Thank you

 3 months ago 

Que hermoso amiga!!! Dios te bendiga siempre y a todos los que hacen posible que este proyecto se lleve a cabo!!!

 3 months ago 



 3 months ago 

Hats off leadership 🙏

Frankly, this is the best charity program I have ever seen in this platform👌.

Well organized and 100% transparent ✅

Hermosa labor. No hay nada más hermoso que ver la sonrisa de un niño. Felicidades por esto.

I have no words to explain what I felt when I knew that the need for someone who deserved it could be met. My joy is much greater knowing that it was for a child. I hope I can contribute a grain of sand to continue with this beautiful work, God with us!

 3 months ago 

This is such a wonderful act. Good job to the creator of this kindness act. More power and hope you'll help a lot of kids in need. We support you on these.😍

Muy buen proyecto.