Plastic Bottle Bricks

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Good day everyone! Let me share to you one of the initiatives of our community in building a Plastic Bottle Bricks. We made this initiative to reduce plastic trash by recycling used plastic bottles and plastic wrappers by making it into bricks. Here how it is. 👇


First you need these materials:
🔺Plastic Bottles
🔺Plastic Wrappers
🔺Portland Cement
🔺Washed Sand and Gravel
🔺Reinforcing Steel Bars (RSB)

The first step that you will have to make is putting and compressing the Plastic Wrappers into the Plastic bottles, leaving no space behind so that it will become solid as a brick. Then close the bottle tightly.


While putting the wrappers into the bottles, ask someone to mix the Portland Cement and washed sand and gravel for the foundation and base of the brick.



After that, make a file of plastic bottles and add on the cement to form a concrete brick. Make sure to put the Reinforcing Steel Bars (RSB) on each foundation and in the middle of the bottles so that it will durable and solid.



Ask your community to help in making that initiative. 😉

You can make your own design in making a brick, you can be creative in doing it. Just file them up. Then, you will see the outcome afterwards.



This initiative was made possible with the help of the women's association in our community and also with the support of their husbands. We replicate this initiative into the neighbouring barangays in the community helping them manage their trash into purposeful one.



This is the end product of the Plastic Bottle Bricks Initiative 👇


Photo details:

Building community - photography (All photos are mine)
Location - Talisayan, Mindanao, Philippines 🇵🇭
Camera used - iphone6
Photographer - @yumaie28

I would like have this opportunity to thank the community of Talisayan and my colleagues in helping make the initiative a successful one. A lot of barangays in Talisayan has replicated the Plastic Bricks.

received_238772057950826.jpeg Ludelle(left) my colleague and yours truly (right)

Also, I want to thank @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @booming @booming04 @booming01 @steemwomenclub for the opportunity to share this wonderful community activity.

And a special thank to Nanay @olivia08, Ms. @mervamps, Sir, @long888 @atongits @uwanderer for the support and assistance. ☺️



Nice siya gawing fence, dami talagang ma recycle.

Yes po. Pwde po yung fence. 😊

Que increíble reciclaje con todo, felicidades. Por un planeta más verde


Thank you. ☺️

Wow nice, great way to get rid of plastics which could cause floods if not being disposed of properly.

Yes sir long, i hope more communities will replicate this kind of initiative. 😊

vaaov Beautiful women happy women day :)

I guess this is the best recycle.I am happy for the savings you made by recycling. We women can find the way for everything. I congratulate you on your work. Good luck :)

Thank you for the sweet compliment and for always empowering women like me. 😊

Hello, congratulations, you have been chosen as the winner of the recycling contest. Keep making posts in the community :)

Thank you so much. 😊

Absolutely incredible.!!

What a fantastic idea.

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Thank you for your positive response. Glad you like it. Have a great day ahead. ☺️

Wow! I must say this is pretty creative and what a nice way to recycle waste. Brilliant

Thank you for the kind words. Let's help recycle plastic wastes into a productive one. 😊

Yeah sure. You guys did an amazing job

Thank you so much. ☺️