Contest to Find Country Capitals 1 / Find the Right Answer /REWARDS 10 SBI!!!

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Contest to find country capitals 1 / Find the right answer

Hello guys, I'm here with a brand new contest.


This contest we do is a nice activity that will allow you to have a little more good time with the steemite Save your character from being a bait by answering the Questions we give correctly. Make good use of time and move towards the capitals of the countries. Have fun and win prizes.

Preparation of the Game is entirely mine.


  • The competition will be held weekly. (It will change according to the budget.)
  • Rate the post.
  • The subject of our contest is 'Country Capitals'.
  • You must enter the contest with your own steemit name.
  • The prizes will be sent to the steemit account you specified when you log in to the contest.
  • Leave a comment as 'I participated in the contest'.
  • Please resteem and upvote before participating in the contest.
  • By tagging your friends in the comments section, you can enable us to reach more people.
  • The results are monitored by the system without any intervention.
  • Results will be announced 1 day after the competition ends.


SBI gifts will be given to the first 4 friends who will take place in the leaderboard.

  • Our 1st place friend '4 SBI' will win an award.

  • Our 2st place friend '3 SBI' will win an award.

  • Our 3rd place friend '2 SBI' will win an award.

  • Our friend, who is 4th in the competition, will receive the Consolation Award.


How Do I Participate in the Competition?

  • Click on the link below to participate in the contest.
  • Then start the contest using your steemit name on the page that opens


  • Enter the Leadership rank by answering the questions correctly.



  • You have 5 minutes and 2 lives to complete the contest.
  • The competition will automatically end when the period is over or you are not entitled to life.



  • Answer all questions correctly as soon as possible to move to the leadership.


COMPETITION END 10/04/2021 HOURS 22:00


If you want to support the competition, I would be very happy. As the support increases, our reward will also increase.

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Thank you wery much in join. 🙏Good luck

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Katılım sağladım :)
Ayrıca yarışmaya arkadaşlarımı davet ediyorum, bol şanslar :)

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Teşekkürler 🙏🤣bolşans

Yo participe 😂😂 muy bueno invito a @soraida y @yajairaasuaje

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Thank you wery much. Good luck🙏🤣

I participated!!! white monsters are scary hahahahaha

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Thank you in join 🤣🤣

yo participe en el concurso invito a:

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Thank you in join🙏

i participated in the contest

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Thank you for in join🙏

Participe en el concurso

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Thank you for in Join.