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Hello friends

We have local delicacies that we often make and cannot give up in our homes. These local dishes are passed down from generation to generation. In this competition, I will ask you to cook a meal from the region you live in.

Describe how this dish is made, the ingredients you use in the food and the flavor of the food in a minimum of 150 words. Plagiarism is prohibited. our aim; Let's have fun and have the opportunity to eat a meal you love again thanks to this contest :) I am very curious about the visuals of the meals prepared. I wish you success already.

Competition Rules

  • Make a post with the Title " Local food Competition/Steem Activity Club "

  • Write a post that has at least 150 words and Add 3 pictures of the food you have prepared.

  • Use the tag #steemactivitiyclub #mydailyactivity #localfood1 and country tag

  • Post your post link in the comment space in this post

  • Post your post on the Steem Activity Club community here and subscribe to the community

  • Share this post on your wall

  • Only one post weekly is approved for competition by the same author

  • You need to resteem this post. Invite at least 2 friends.

  • The article should not contain plagiarism.

  • Please do not mention curator accounts in your posts. Friends who mention will be disqualified.



  • 6x5 total 30 steem awards will be distributed
  • 6 accounts will equally receive 5 steem rewards.

    This way of award distribution is more fair :)

CONTEST END 14/May/2021 with Turkey time 20: 00


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Thanks for the competition. I will participate shortly