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Hello friends;

We left behind a nice competition and our local food competition, which showed great interest, ended on 14/05/2021.

Thanks to you, we have learned many local flavors with very different ingredients. As Steem Activity Club, we will always try to be fair and we had a hard time in our choices. We set ourselves some criteria and tried to make the choices in line with these criteria. Our aim for all time; It will support unvoted posts and new users. I hope we could be fair. :) We hope to see you here with more activities. Let's grow together, contribute to this beautiful platform and support each other more.

Congratulations to the winners.


  • 6x5 total 30 steem awards will be distributed
  • 6 accounts will equally receive 5 steem rewards.

    This way of award distribution is more fair :)

Participants & WINNERS

@medytalentsParticipation link
@serpilemParticipation link5 Steem award
@mesafeParticipation link
@amilrodriParticipation link5 Steem award
@tugcenindolabiParticipation link
@rose-oParticipation link
@ispinParticipation link
@bubblingParticipation link
@joelmaxwellParticipation link
@angela-oParticipation link5 Steem award
@peachyladivaParticipation link
@mbemba2310Participation link
@kanupreciousParticipation link
@rumeysaozerParticipation link5 Steem award
@muluhpennParticipation link5 Steem award
@shamira16Participation link
@glotokensParticipation link
@analeeParticipation link5 Steem award
@goodybestParticipation link



thank you for supporting...

Support us for the growth of our community.

Please Resteem and Upvote.

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 29 days ago 

I congratulate the winners.
' @analee, @muluhpenn, @rumeysaozer, @angela-o, @serpilem, @amilrodri '
I can say that it is a very good competition and the local food is very good.

We are excited to see more activities of Steemians.
Best regards,

Muchísimas gracias por este premio felicidades a los ganadores al igual que a todos los participantes

 28 days ago 

You're welcome. -You must continue to be active.
Good luck.

Thank you very much 1pygmalion

Çok teşekkür ederim:)

thank you very much. i am really glad i was one of the winners. I will do more more here..

 29 days ago 

Awards have been sent to your accounts


Thank you to all friends who participated in the contest:)

Muchísimas gracias por el premio y por darle valor a mi esfuerzo , me siento contento por participar y estoy muy agradecido con el líder de esta comunidad por crear este tipo de concursos donde podemos mostrar nuestra comida local de cada region felicidades a todos los ganadores e igual a los participantes Saludos.

Thank you very much @habercitr for the award price am very much honored 🙏

Biz teşekkür ederiz:)

Kazanan arkadaşları tebrik ederim. Güzel bir yarışma oldu👍

 29 days ago 

Biz teşekkür ederiz katıldığınız için :)

Congratulations to all the winners, we will keep doing better.

 28 days ago 

I congratulate you too.
You should insist on the best, these experiences will definitely lead you to success.
Steemians are looking forward to your activity. :)