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Metaphysical Thoughts

I'd like to get lost in cold pictures,
But I was not aware that I wanted the impossible.
Did you know?
My own soul that I destroyed with my hands.
I didn't hold anybody inside of me because of this
Because my faith is atrophied ...

Look at my life endlessly!
Metaphors running wildly in my subconscious ...
I screamed and invoked the crazy metaphors that stretch,
Where? My subconscious!
I summoned it and so they could reveal the positive interaction.
While my mind is calling them insane.

My positive effects have become entangled with your negatives.
Because I was always a negative in you!
Your metaphysical soul
while absorbing the negatives.

I uploaded myself hypnotic interactions,
The metaphysical dreams I dive into by sleeping myself.
Diving deep so deep,
I was resurrected again, not remembering anything this time.

Yes, me.
Gaps in my subconscious that I created by thinking.
I crept into my metaphysical dreams, replicating myself.

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Best regards, @pygmalion34
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Great write up and good words.
I love the photo it's nice.
More courage to you my friend

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Thank you very much. For share

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You're welcome. ;)