DAY 8//Contest to increase Steem Power //%100 Power UP// Awards 100 Steem by steemit-turkiye

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Hello Friends

We have decided to organize a new contest that will enable our community to grow and newcomers to be more active. Support is always needed in order to develop and become stronger in steemit. We would like to inform you that we will make all our sacrifices in this journey of new users. New users are very important for this platform, it is up to us to direct them. As Steemit Activity Club, our goal is; to create our own curation and to support new users more.

We will be happy to support new users as much as we can, thanks to the support of the curators in the competitions we do and will do.

In the Steemit platform, steem power is of great importance. We believe that this contest, which will encourage new users especially about steem power, will be beneficial.
With the support of its curators, the positive votes we receive will be used as a fund for this contest and the remaining awards will be used as steem power to strengthen our account. I would like to inform you that there will be no withdrawal from our @ steemit-turkiye official account and we will take firm steps forward for our own curation.

* Make sure to click the picture to view it in full screen! *

New users must first be active in order to progress faster in steem power. If new users do not know where and how to start, I would like to strongly inform them to visit the Lists of Achievement Tasks post by @ cryptokannon, which will guide users on their steemit journey. With this guide, they will get to know the steemit platform and strengthen their accounts by preparing quality posts and gaining steem power in a short time.

The competitions held on this platform are of great importance. In this regard, @ habercitr prepares a list of the competitions held in many societies on a weekly basis, enabling users to benefit from it.

Also, another community that new users will use for account boosting is the Acount Booster community. Founded by steemchiller and seo-boss, this community is supported until the users reach a certain level.

If we receive curator support, we would like to inform you that we will select 5 of the quality posts to be made with the #mydailyactivity tag in the steemit Activity Club community and do the necessary work to vote. I hope that @steemcurator01 will give us an explanation on how to proceed.


  • You must have less than 500 Steem Power (SP) to participate in the contest.
  • Accounts that have initiated a withdrawal process will be excluded from this contest.
  • Subscribe to the STEEM Activity Club Community and share at least 1 post.
  • Attach a screenshot of your passbook showing your steem power amount at the bottom of this post.
  • The screenshot you added is your ticket to the contest. (DO NOT MAKE ANY EDIT IN YOUR COMMENT)
  • Please resteem this post.
  • The accounts that will participate in the competition will be checked at the end of 10 days and 4 accounts that increase the most Steem Power will win awards.



  • 4x25 total 100 steem awards will be distributed
  • 4 accounts will equally receive 25 steem rewards.

This competition we have prepared in line with our own possibilities. In case of support, the amount of prize will increase in subsequent competitions.


ParticipantStarting SP AmountClosing Sp Amount
@mesafe79,628 SP?
@bubbling0 SP?
@ispin157,704 SP?

thank you for supporting...

Support us for the growth of our community.

Please Resteem and Upvote.

#steemactivityclub #activity #steemitexclusive #contest #steemit-turkiye #promo-steem #mydailyactivity:

 2 months ago 

I wish success to those who will participate in the competition.
It is important for good competition and development.
Best regards.

Thank you so much.

 2 months ago 

Thanks for participating.
Your entry has been saved.
Starting sp amount: 159.137

We hope to see your account by 14 / May / 2021, with more sp amount.

Best regards, @pygmalion34

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