RESULTS//Contest to increase Steem Power //%100 Power UP// Awards 100 Steem @steemit-turkiye

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Hello friends

We are really happy that many users participated in this contest. The importance of Steem Power is enormous, so we must strengthen our account by constantly powering up.

Our contest, which we started on 03/05/2021, ended on 13/05/2021. 4 of our friends, doing their best, uploaded the steem power to their accounts and became the winners of this contest. We want other friends to be selfless in this regard.

When we started this contest, our @steemit-türkiye account had 7 SP. By converting all the awards we received to Steem power, we increased the power of our account to almost 1k. This is a 10-day success for us, our goal is to reach the 5k goal after 1 month. We will continue to work for this

Wallet screenshot of our @ steemit-türkiye account on 03/05/2021

steemit türkiye ilk foto 03.05.2021.png

Wallet screenshot of our @steemit-türkiye account on 14/05/2021


  • You have to set goals for yourself and work hard to achieve those goals.

  • Thank you very much to the friend who participated in the competition. I congratulate the winning friends.


  • 4x25 total 100 steem awards will be distributed
  • 4 accounts will equally receive 25 steem rewards.



ParticipantStarting SP AmountClosing Sp AmountPower UpAWARSD
@mesafe79,628168,29488,66625 Steem Awards
@ispin157,704253,22595,52125 Steem Awards
@biaa0,74737,35336,60625 Steem Awards
@mbemba231045,464118,81373,34925 Steem Awards

thank you for supporting...

Support us for the growth of our community.

Please Resteem and Upvote.

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Awards have been sent to your accounts

Thank you very much for join contest:)

Teşekkürler. Bir sonraki yarışmanızı sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum

Thank you so much, special thanks to my friend @pygmalion34. Am happy to be part of this community

 last month 

Hello there.
Our community needs good and quality 'Steemian's'.
We are happy to join our family, welcome.
We always want to see your event, I wish you success.

Best regards, @pygmalion34

thank uuuu !!! :))

 last month 

Congratulations to the winners.
@mesafe, @ispin, @biaa, @mbemba2310

Thanks to the other friends who participated.
Our competitions will continue, I wish them to do more activities and increase their steem power.

Best regards, @pygmalion34

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Teşekkürler :)))

Thanks brother.

Am so happy

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kazanan arkadaşları tebrik ederim 👏👏

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This was a great contest. Thanks for such a wonderful contest. I wish to participate in the next contest

 last month 

Our competitions will continue.
There is already a cooking contest. Then we'll have a thumping contest.
As long as you are active, competitions and good content will continue. :=)

I will be active sir

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in the future I will participate in your contest