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When it comes to gluten free, the Chinese / Mandarin (and other Chinese dialect) speaking communities in Malaysia would never miss out one of this great savory dish: The Chee Cheong Fun


Made predominantly with rice flour, many Malaysians love this 95% gluten-free flour, and this dish, introduced from Hong Kong dim sum usually is never missed out on a dim sum restaurant.

It's original recipe usually includes 78% of rice flour, 14% of tapioca flour and 8% wheat starch; however for some who wants to attempt gluten-free recipe the closest possibility of replacing wheat startch would be corn starch (plus potato starch according to this post discovery), but it will require some R & D, trial and error to produce an elastic less brittle chee cheong fun

This is what Quora in regards of wheat substitute


And 3 out of 4 ingredients have been our product line and available to produce a nice Hong Kong Style chee cheong fun.

However for Malaysia, unlike the photo above, prefers to have very thin steamed "rice skins", that eventually creates a much softer consistency and taste, and it requires much skills to create the best outcome compared to usual home made versions.

If you are very curious on how it is made, this video shows how a home cooked is done. But the professionals would use a very special clean material that only that could seamlessly create something smooth and fast compared to this video.

Nevertheless, this is definitely a great educational video for many who are interested in trying out this gluten free local cuisine.

Below is the recipe we found from Healthy Nibbles, that provides not only gluten-free, but also vegan.

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