Movie Soundtrack (Music Themed 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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For several years, on her active career years, Whitney Houston had set aside recording her own studio albums. Her third album might have become a big seller, but it's just half the sales of her first two albums. So when she tried working on movies which started with "The Bodyguard", Whitney achieved a new career height both in acting and music. As it became a blockbuster, while the soundtrack has estimated sales of 45 million.

That time, Whitney didn't release an album until she was starred for "Waiting to Exhale" movie. A soundtrack was planned as her own record but she decided that it will be a various artists records with other female artists. Still, she has the inputs with three singles from it being released. The soundtrack was also a multiplatinum hit.

As she preferred doing movies most of the 1990s, she worked on "The Preacher's Wife", and the soundtrack is entirely hers. However, it was underwhelming compared to the previous soundtracks. Finally, she worked on a studio album after that, and released "My Love is Your Love". The album was initially selling slow but gained traction afterwards after hit singles. Still, in that album, she has worked with Mariah Carey with "When You Believe" which is also a soundtrack of "Prince of Egypt" and part of the two artists' albums.

YouTube/Whitney Houston

Here is my music themed entry for the freewrite prompt "Movie Soundtrack" which was written through the app

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