Earn 500 Telos Coins! Using Telos Diary

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A Journal can Provide Personal Information, Improve Motivation, and lead to Superior decision-making Processes.

Unfortunately, there have always been problems when it comes to journaling, including:

Diaries are cumbersome, expensive, and impractical in the modern world;
Many years of journal books will take up a lot of valuable storage space and can be difficult to review quickly;
Digital newspapers depend on third parties to maintain their history and data. And if the service provider goes down, many years of your effort could be lost.
Both written and digital diaries can be edited and altered and as such may not be considered a reliable record if necessary for legal proceedings.


Daily Telos

Daily Telos (your daily purpose) offers you an opportunity to begin a new ‘crypto diary’, built upon a decentralized, trustless, infallible, and auditable blockchain.

Each Daily Telos diary entry you make is recorded forever on the Telos blockchain – with Telos being one of the fastest and most advanced public blockchains in existence.

Each diary entry/journal becomes your very own timestamped and signed public record. Preserving the story of your life, your thoughts, your aspirations, and your version of events – forever.

Similarly, you will always have access to your diary – regardless of whether you use the Daily Telos interface or another of your choosing.

All it takes to get started is a new Telos account, some Telos (TLOS) tokens, and the will to better oneself.

The entire setup process is relatively quick – please refer to the Getting Started page.

Text taken from https://goldsmith.money/


Daily Telos brings you a great contest. Start your diary and earn 500 Telos. which is approximate 10$


Come in and start your telos diary right now, as this project is new. you will have many chances to win. remember that there are 3 winners for the sum of 500 Telos each.


Telegram: https://t.me/dailytelos



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