Why so Serious??

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Now things are starting to heat up. I meant to say in terms of the crisis of food. I went to the market today for the grocery of course, who would really think about going shopping for luxurious things then of the basic needs of our daily life stuff.

The price is increasing in the products that we need for our activity activities. This scenario was seen a few weeks ago by lots of countries and the effect of the present situation is happening right now in front of us.

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Corruption really got us from deep inside. Humanity is no more with some people. How frustrating it is to see some people are rushing towards business instead of making things right in this current situation. And we wonder why our country is not really developing.

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Politicians and Diapers must be changed often, and for the same REASON!

Mark Twain

It's hard to say that not all the politicians are of bad record but you probably get what I mean. Some teaching we get from our real-life experiences and that is what makes us human of true nature.

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Education is the key to make a nation develop. Some people are out there to make things worse than they already are. It is like, you are doing something I need to pull your leg down and stop you from doing something. That mentality is making things even worse. Some people really need to get out of that mentality or else domination and going under the reader is also possible sooner than later.


If I can not do anything let me keep my mouth shut. Not bring others down with my words. Showing them or making things worse with my words will demoralize others, you need to get that. At this moment we need all the help we can get! I hope you understand what I am blabbering about.

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This kind of situation does not happen often but when it does we are supposed to be doomed. Keep warning people and do what is right for the time being. I am sharing too much about this current situation in my blog but I guess it is indeed that much serious for us. Be at home and stay safe and let others be safe as well.

That is it for the day!

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