Mortality: A Blessing or a Curse?

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Every man is born to live and then later dies. This is the reality of every human being. It doesn't matter where you were born, provided blood runs through your vein, life is meant to end someday.

This fact can be sometimes scary. When you consider the fact that your loved ones would be gone someday, it makes you wonder what is the essence of life.

As a philosopher, i find it hard to process but like everybody out there, i can't change the fact that life must end someday.

Now, the question that people ask is why must we live only to die? Why should death be the end of all man?

In a movie i watched recently, Achilles, the major actor of Troy reckons that human mortality is a blessing. His argument is based on the love, feelings and emotions we share and how much we care for ourselves knowing we could die.

This love and care we share and the fear we show when death is knocking on the door or when one of us is dying says much about how we treasure them and couldn't let them go.

If you look at the fact that human aged and almost everything in our body weakens, it says much about how we wouldn't want to keep living.

Aged people literally turns kids with many things that are not of adulthood. If we don't let go of such body, what would become of man?

Perhaps immortality sounds reasonable if we don't age. Another question would be at what point do we stop ageing?

Living is fine and beautiful but living forever is something many will agree with me, not to be a good idea.

For me, i see it as a blessing and not a curse. Imagine there is all these sicknesses that people experience with great pains and yet they don't die?

How many of us would be able to console them? What can we do to ease their pains even when pains killers don't work on them?

A life that ends seems to be reasonable to a life that doesn't. Life wont really look much interesting if everything continues.

Any objection to my claim? I would love to hear it.

Thanks for your time. I am @smyle, the philosopher.

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