Friendship is The Best Relationship in The World!!

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Hello my dear friends of this community🙋
I hope that you all are well. I am also well. Today I have shared a new article about Friendship!!

Today I have seen some post on Facebook, shared by my friends and brothers. The news was about The best relationship in the world. It was friendship!! May be about 3 years ago someone wrote about it on But people are very much happy now after seeing the result on Google. I have also searched on Google and the result was about; Friendship is the best relationship in the world.

Actually friendship is the best relationship in the world. Because having a close friend is a very good luck. You can share everything with that friend, you can believe him blindly. A friend can help you in your problems, can give you hope and motivation. When you have a friend who can make you happy in any situation, then you are the happiest man!!

Now a days, we know that some people are deciding to suicide for Depression. In the situation of depression people need a person who can motivate him. Otherwise he feels hopeless and decided suicide as a solution for his depression. So he must need a best friend who can give him hope and can remove all his depression by making him smile.

In my real life, I always feels happy when I am with my friends. Because they are the medicine of my sadness. They make me happy by making my joke. This is the cutest moment with friends. Listen, you cannot share your all problems with your family members or your relatives. But believe me, you can share your problems with your best friend.

When you feel that you are useless, just call your friends and share your problems. Then they will use you in a better way. Haha, I am just kidding.
But really friends will give you hope to live. All in your situations, your friends will come forward to help you.

But there is a matter, everyone is not your friend. Please be careful to choose a friend in life. Because now a days, most of the friendships are feigning. Most of your friends will be your friend for their needed only. So be careful to choose a friend.

Thank you!!😊🤗

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