For the Love of Comments, Round 15 Winners Announcement. Plus tips on growing your account.

It was nice to have a slightly busier round this month. Great to see past winners of the delegation coming back and recommending others or resteeming to spread the opportunity. Thank you!

This round delegations have gone to @straykat, @jorgebgt, @bntcamelo and @drmatthewhicks. Congratulations all of you, the delegations should be with you now; thank you @mattclarke for providing the majority of them.

Some of you may already have an idea of how to make the best use of this delegation, but some may not. So for those who don't and, indeed, for anyone else who might be reading this and wondering how best grow their account, here are some tips.

Use your upvote:

Your Steem Power has the potential to earn you more Steem Power through curating. So when you reward content you like with an upvote, you could get some of that reward back in return. Just try and keep your Voting Power above 80%, so it can recharge within a day. is a good place to check statistics like your Voting Power, just input your Steem username.


People won't know you exist if you don't communicate with them. Be genuine in your communication, though, don't spam people or just write “nice post.” Talk to them as if you were having a conversion in a face to face setting.



Happy steeming to the lucky receivers. Top Stuff!

Thanks to everyone who accomplished this, especially @minismallholding and @mattclarke!

You're welcome. We hope this helps you to move forward with your account.

Nice to see this challenge is still running. It helped me tremendously when I started out newly on this platform. I will always be grateful to you @minismallholding for your support.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Thank you for your continued support of it. I'm glad we could help in your early days on Steem.

I second your sentiment @maxwellmarcusart, and am grateful to you @minismallholding for all that you give to this community 🌱

Thank you for the opportunity and of course, thanks @proto26! 🥺

No, thank you for being on Steemit!

likewise 😄

You're welcome. I hope this is a productive month for you.

Thanks for everything!!

You're welcome. Hope it makes a difference for you this month.

It's always good to catch up with you and your family at the meetings. I thought it was pretty good. Thanks for the heads up regarding the Lotus coin. It's interesting that we can be trapped in our own little microcosms on the block-chain.

Another good reason for catching up face to face right there! Pooling our knowledge and resources. Thank you for the knowledge you could impart on Splinterlands.
Good to catch up with you all too.

I know Splinterlands is not going to be everyone's cup of tea and we hope that it doesn't dominate the entire time of the meetings.

It's my hope that we start doing small scale buying and selling of Steem for fiat at the meetings too, say $5 or $10 fiat trades just to build up trust.

Matt keeps talking about these $500 trades but it's not going to happen any time soon.

Up well before 🌄 (here) @minismallholding and following my support of your work, I was intrigued to find this going out to a South Australia community.

I've known about the overall Australian community references I've seen almost from day one. Guess maybe this is the future of our Steem blockchain? For myself, still trying to figure out how I view all of these recent changes ...

A couple of nice tips for your readers benefiting from your delegation help. Hopefully, they will be followed up on, for their overall benefit, as they work to add value to our Steem blockchain.

Have a great day (night)!

Team Australia was one of the earliest and most active communities. So big, though, that it seemed pertinent for South Australia to have its own sub section. @mattclarke has taken the lead on regular meetups and the community. Being able to meet face to face has been invaluable and much more bonding for us as a community.

The continual changes do keep you on your toes and take some adjusting to.

Hmmm. Interesting perspective @mattclarke. If you don't mind me asking, since I see your account name listed as a subscriber in the Christian Fellowship community, do you believe your view on this is supported in God's Word?

I don't mind you asking :)
I'm not sure it qualifies as a 'view' or 'opinion'; its more of an observation.
It's just true.

Okay @mattclarke. Since you don't mind ... 😉

"It's just true."

As Christians, most would tell the world we consider His revelations to us to be the ultimate source of what is true. I won't bore you with references or a list of nations (countries) mentioned in the Bible, starting with the most obvious one - Israel - but they are in there!

Nations are groups of people. They were still a nation when they were wandering the desert, for example.

Yes, of course they are. I assume by your response then you distinguish between the word nation and the word country. Not sure how ...

Setting aside the obvious distinctions like language and customs, I would focus on authority structures and the laws created to govern the people groups living in subjection under them. The boundaries between people groups are there to define which ones you will be held accountable to, as the power of the State does not bear the sword for nothing ...

Anyway, I have read briefly again through your post. So ... I'll thank you for your responses here. And wish you well going forward! 😊 👍

Thank you for providing the additional, historical perspective @minismallholding. I appreciate hearing there are "real world" communities coming together around people's investment of time and effort in our Steem blockchain. If there is anything even remotely close to this going on in America, I am unaware of it.

Would it be worth starting one for your area? I'm guessing it would need to be focused around a city for a central meeting point. While our group is for the state, most of the population is centred around Adelaide.

Well @minismallholding, not really my "cup of tea" ... One of the major decisions I made in electing to establish an online presence (which I had said I would never do) by "jumping in" to participation on our Steem blockchain was protecting my privacy.

"In here" almost 2 years (in May), I have been asked many times where I live and who I am, among other things. So far, I have stuck with my original decision, in politely and civilly, but firmly (necessary once ...), declining to answer ...

Hopefully that is not off-putting to you ...

Not at all. Everyone is different and initially I preferred my privacy. However, what I post about is something that communities around me are taking an interest in (growing your own food), so at some point I was going to have to decide whether to try and keep them separate or just be open and use the social media presence to make further connections.

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