The Effects of Pandemic Panic in Australia.

Australia's location near Asia means we probably started to feel the side effects of Covid19 sweeping China a little earlier than some of the other English speaking countries. Others were laughing at Australia and the toilet paper panic buying, but now it's spread to them too. It seems these things are e even more contagious than the coronavirus! It toilet paper buy up started here because Chinese residents were buying it and sending it back to family in China, if you can believe it. I'm still not sure why toilet paper, but there must be a reason why they were running out over there.

Anyway, panic buying has been going on for a while now, but it's only really hit the poorer suburbs more recently. Our family have always been ones to keep extra in of none perishables. Yes we are preppers to a point, but I also don't like shopping, so buying in bulk means buying less often. I make good use of my freezer too. So for me, recent shopping trips have been less panic and more of a chance to observe. Yesterday I went to get body wash, because my husband was out and I kept forgetting replacements, because it's not something I use myself. While deciding which ones to get I realised that the shelves next to the shower gels and body wash were almost empty and was curious as to what was so sought after. It was the hand soaps and a sign proclaimed that customers were restricted to 2 purchases each.



I had to wonder where our ability to think outside the box has gone as customers lamented over the fact they were out and went back to select my body wash, which would accomplish the same thing as hand wash, despite the fact that it didn't have the word hand on it. There were also no restrictions on purchases for them, but there might be if people actually cotton on.

A positive sign is that there were sections in the veg area of the freezers which had been cleaned out! I thought it would be the ready meals, but maybe we aren't a nation of junk food addicts after all!


This week the federal government ordered a ban on all gatherings with over 500 people. Sporting events are being cancelled or they're going ahead without audiences. My daughter does gymnastics and the national championships have been cancelled, leading to the cancellation of local state competitions where gymnasts would normally be trialling to represent their state. It seems to be having a cascading effect as now training has been cancelled too. Schools aren't closed as of yet, but many are starting the school break early.

The individual states have been making their own restrictions, depending on the threat level. South Australia currently has 32 confirmed cases, which were people coming in on international and domestic flights, then one who had contact with one of those people. So anyone flying into South Australia had to self isolate for two weeks as of Monday. Now we're hearing the borders might be closing completely and flights are being cancelled all over the place.

At the time of writing, across Australia there have been 5 deaths and 454 confirmed cases, with the east coast being most affected. No deaths in South Australia so far.

Those working in retail are having to disinfect with hand sanitiser after every customer. For many workers that’s a lot of sanitising and a friend showed us her red, raw hands, with the skin splitting.

The atmosphere is certainly dividing people. Fear is bringing out aggression in people you wouldn't expect it from and often it's from misinformation. Some seem to think that the virus is deadly to everyone, despite assurances that 80% of cases are mild.

Traffic has been heavy throughout the day as people travel further and further afield to find shops with groceries. In the poorer suburbs the shops were still stocked when elsewhere had been stripped. Likely because the poor can't afford to buy extra. Now their shelves are also emptying and it's not down to the locals. I'm sure soon the streets will be quieter than ever as everyone hides in their houses.

I believe some restaurants have been feeling the pinch since the beginning of the year, at least the Asian ones have. At the beginning of February we went to a favourite of ours, Red Chilli, for my husband's birthday. I booked a table, because Saturdays are usually really busy. When we arrived there was just one other table occupied. I thought that my husband was jesting when he said it was fear of coronavirus because the restaurant was Asian, but apparently it was no joke.



For us, the tense situation in the shops looks similar.
In our country, people also buy toilet paper, pasta and rice.
The sour cucumbers are still on the shelf.
Maybe the cucumbers aren't popular.
Thank you for your interesting article and the photos.
Stay healthy.
Best regards.

Maybe they prefer bland foods to flavourful ones. 😆

I heard Quilton is making an extra 20 million rolls a week.
That's one for each adult in the country; and that's only one manufacturer.
It's not like anyone is using more; they're just buying more.
We're going to have a big glut in a couple of weeks.

At which point toilet paper will be on offer! 🤣

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It's surreal, isn't it? We're seeing the same thing here in Queensland. At least the handwash/sanitiser demand makes some sense. I really don't understand the toilet paper thing though.

It is odd! Even tissues makes more sense than toilet paper. We'll soon have toilet paper on offer as they try to get custom when nobody needs to buy any for half a year. 🤣

Yal stay safe and good luck with all your endeavors.

Things are much the same here in the US.

Haha...I can just imagine people getting home to take stock of their emergency lock down stores...

9 months worth of toilet paper: Check
10 months worth of Spam: Check


I have been told people are rushing out to buy chest freezers and filling them with meat and frozen stuff...With this additional spending they won't be able to afford their normal daily costs...Chest freezers burn a lot of power...Hmm.

My receptionist is fielding call after call from tenants who can't pay their rent...Commercial and residential tenants...Hmm...But they got 9 months worth of toilet paper though...No rent from tenants means landlords don't get paid...It's a fairly small leap to total breakdown from there.

Big problems on the horizon. Just wait until someone in America starts trouble...Civil unrest there, reported by the media will incite the same here, and everywhere...Come to think of it, the way I've seen people behave in supermarkets on TV here...Maybe we'll be the ones to start that trend.

Human nature at its finest worst.

Planning ahead is obviously not something that comes naturally to most. Any amount of that in the majority of people and none of those things you mentioned would be an issue.

I to heard about sales of freezers going through the roof. If you never had the need for extra freezer space before this, then what are you going to do with it when this is over?! We have a chest freezer as well as our side by side and we most certainly use it. Whether we will when the kids move out is a different matter, though.

It's all upside down with worse to come....And yet, when we come out the other side those same people panic-buying to be prepared will lapse back into their irresponsible ways until next time...Seen it before.

I have my two 70L ARB fridge/freezers running off solar right now...Not that we have much meat as Faith doesn't eat it and I rarely do...Still, pays to have some cold-storage and why not if powered by the sun huh?

Freaking panic buyers piss me off so much creating problems that don't need to exist >_<

They've highlighted the reason why preppers prep; because people are just crazy, panicky animals at heart. 🤣

The "sheeple" derogatory isn't so far off then o_O XD

Stay safe! It's been crazy over here in the states too, and only getting worse..

It's sounds like it's much worse in the states and the UK.

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