Contest: What is Better For Steemit? | Bringing New Users vs. Bringing New Investors

in Steem Valuelast month


In every aspects of life we all want an improvement or progress. We desire for growth and development of the things that we love to do. But to be progressive we need other people to walk with us through success. It is a hand to hand work for every people in a certain group or community to aim the same goal and that is for improvement and growth of the community and the members.

This contest allows each of the steemians to think what we could do more to help the platform grow stronger and bolder. As I found growth to myself engaging with different people in different communities of steemit, it gives me an idea about this certain question of the contest; which is better bringing new users or bringing inverstors?

For me, both of these are very important. They both play a very important role in the platform. BUT if I have to choose one, I would go TO BRING MORE USERS because when we get a lot of users in the platform and part of their orientation is the importance of investment in the community and the platform, we could hit two birds at one time. Steemians like me who will promote steem to the new users should be will oriented as well and be knowledgeable why we need to invest and how we could help not just for own benefit but also to the whole platform.

When the new steemians could start steeming, promoting, engaging to the community and invest, these steemians could invite more new users and could share the good news what steemit could offer to the members. This is like a chain of information and the benefits are also replicating and growing to one another.

I hope my ideas could make a little help of this contest. Having my first entry in #SteemValue community is great because I am able to make my pregnancy brain work after over a week of not so well motivated in writing due to fatigue and anxieties for the incoming delivery maybe this month.

Thank you very much to all fellow steemians who keeps on tagging and encouraging me to join the contest and other activities again. To the supporters, MOD, admin and curators... GOD BLESS US ALL!