CONTEST: Bringing New Users vs Bringing New Investors, What is Better for Steem Value by @josegonzalito

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Grateful for the initiative of our friend @tatjanastan, to open the debate on high-level issues that we should address all those who are truly committed to the growth and strengthening of our platform; and I say ours, because despite not being part of the team that develops it, the founding team and the team where the idea of ​​creating it was conceived, I feel like part of this family that gives life to steemit day by day and that I contribute best of me to contribute always thinking about the future.

And I said that I was grateful at first, because generally these issues are dealt with by those great investors or the executives of the companies that run them and this time we have the opportunity to raise our points of view from the base of the community, from each steemians that makes life in Steemit.

And it is certainly known that depending on the vision or what is expected to be achieved in a project or in an activity it will be positive to have a large number of new users, or a small number of large investors. For many companies the interest will be to have many followers, many users, who give life to their project, because they are focused on the quantity, however I believe that in the case of Steemit and in order to ensure the long-term growth and consolidation of the company. platform, we must focus on Quality.

This quantity vs Quality, as I call it, is the need to get New investors, people who are really committed to understanding the long-term vision of steemit and who are not just users who, although it is true through the creation of content, can generate economic income For their livelihood, they also plan to maintain that income as an investment through the Power Up of the steem obtained.

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Teaching Future Investment Benefits is the key to maintaining sustained growth.

For this, I consider it pertinent to create an awareness and learning campaign where each new user is explained the advantages of Power Up and also about future investment and the performance that this investment could represent. In particular, I have seen that most of the new entrants focus on creating content to generate income, and that is understandable because perhaps many have passed through there, many times ignoring the complete learning about all the advantages of the platform, even the interface of the itself, limiting itself to complying with the demands of each publication in each community, but without having a clear knowledge of the entire environment, the investments that can be made to strengthen the community and the benefits that these can represent in the medium and long term.

And this campaign can focus on each new user completing all the achievements established in the new income community through incentives that allow a Win - Win relationship, where the community will benefit as each user will be trained in everything related to the platform and also each user who is complying with each achievement, apart from the learning acquired, is also rewarded for the achievement of each achievement.

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We must bet on winning all.

And I propose this idea, because currently I have realized that a large percentage of the new income does not meet these achievements, many only reach achievements 1 and 2, however in each proposed achievement and after having met them personally I can give faith, which are necessary and have helped me to understand how the community works and to support the idea that it is necessary to get New investors.

So my proposal is to encourage new entrants to fulfill the achievements established by @cryptokannon in the Newcomers' Community through recognition and a contribution or vote of cure by the staff, in such a way as to motivate everyone to train and learn about the platform and understand the benefits of future investment.

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Thankful for all the work that @tatjanastan and @dobartim do in promoting our platform and the growth of Steem.

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