CONTEST: THE 5 BEST SUGGESTIONS WIN, Bringing New Users vs Bringing New Investors, What is Better for Steem Value, Day 4

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Can we assist Steem Value & Steemit Growth by suggesting the Best Concepts ?

Everyone should contribute to Steemit Growth. There has been vast Debate what will make Steemit Grow & Steem value grows ?

= More Users
= More Investors
= Other

  1. Which concept will bring quality Content ?
  2. Which concept will bring excellent Steem price ?
  3. Which concept will bring growth of the Blockchain Social Network Growth ?

What do You propose ?
What are the Arguments against some concept and for Yes for Your proposed Concept ?

Can 3 Above Questions be adjusted in one and can we make Unique Concept of Blogging - Blockchain - Business ?

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We are opening Market of Ideas with arguments and Vast Rewarding.

Propose - Give Arguments - Help Steemit Growth - Steem Value Growth

Competition Conditions

  1. Every Steemit Blogger can take part in the Competition
  2. Every Steemit Blogger can give Arguments what He/She thinks is better: "To bring new Users or to bring new Investors"
  3. Its own thesis should be well explained with facts and arguments
  4. The best one will be extra Rewarded
  5. Post should be in English
  6. Post Your post link as comment in this post
  7. Post Your post in Steem Value Community
  8. Resteem Your post on Your Wall
  9. Follow Twitter @hrepublicmk
  10. Follow me on Steemit @tatjanastan
  11. Register on the Steem Schools Discord Channel
  12. The person that will write best Explanation what He/She thinks is better: "To bring new Users or to bring new Investors"will Win the Contest

Special help by Source Pixabay

Rewarding System

The competition lasts for 10 days


1st Place 25 Steem + Extra Reward for Excellency
2nd Place 15 Steem
3rd Place 10 Steem
4th Place 1 Steem
5th Place 1 Steem

*** Extra Reward is chosen by the Organizer depending on the Extra Quality

New Entries

= @samar15

IMPORTANT NOTE: During the process check Your rivals authenticity of their content, Plagiarists will be Muted

Let Us Choose the Best & Help Steemit Grow in all Aspects...

Special Thanks to all Steemit Users that Contributed & Contribute to Steemit Growth & Steem Value Growth