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Hi @etainclub is here.

I have implemented a new feature for Steemit mobile app, PLAY STEEM.

That is Text to Speech (TTS).

I thought I would be great to listen to good stories of steemit contents while walking or working!

Text To Speech (TTS) in Action

Today's guest is @dobartim who writes wonderful poems.


Let's listen how it works.

TTS Details

There are several icons on the top.
The speaker icon is for TTS. Let's click it.


You select the TTS language. Depending on the selection, TTS quality varies.


You can adjust speed and pitch if you like.

I am not sure this feature will be useful or not. At least for me, it will be very convenient to listen to steemit posts.

Key Features


  • Choosing Working RPC Automatically
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Translation
  • In-App Text to Speech
  • In-App Account Creation
  • Switching Accounts
  • Setting Beneficiary
  • Easy Mentioning
  • Bookmarking posts
  • Collecting Favorite Authors Privately
  • In-App Transfer


  • Android Test APK release: Early March, 2021
  • ios Testflight release: in March, 2021
  • Android Official Release: in March, 2021
  • ios Official Release: in March, 2021

The details and more screenshots are here:

Support PLAY STEEM Project

Could I kindly ask you to support this project?

Thank you!

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